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    Temple Tattoo

    69 Anhua Lu,
    near Jiangsu Lu

    安化路69号, 近江苏路

    130 7288 6959
    • Temple Tattoo Shanghai
    • Temple Tattoo Shanghai
    • Temple Tattoo Shanghai
    Temple Tattoo gathers eight fine tattoo artists from Shanghai and Chengdu. Each artist is certified and experienced in working with all skin types and tones with their own strengths, including traditional American / Japanese, New School, Hyper...
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • Han Tattoo

    No. 1, Lane 148 Ruijin Yi Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu

    瑞金一路148弄1号, 近淮海中路

    186 2168 9499
    A Zen and teahouse-like tattoo studio. It's quiet, rustic, with plants flourish in the garden. And they do have a small tea pavilion. Reservation only and they are closed on...
    Han Tattoo Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • Shanghai Tattoo

    4/F, 1 Maoming Nan Lu, near Yan'an Lu

    茂名南路1号4楼, 近延安路

    136 1181 4666
    Shanghai Tattoo is one of Shanghai's most popular tattoo studios and the HQ of one of China's most well-known tattoo artists, Zhou Dan Ting. Their bilingual service -- and...
    Shanghai Tattoo Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
    Jing'an District
  • Boobies Tattoo & Art

    3/F, 555 Yongjia Lu, near Jiashan Lu

    永嘉路555号3楼, 近嘉善路

    3530 5271
    A Japanese tattoo parlor with strict Japanese hygiene standard. The lead tattooist here is among the earliest local tattooist that brought American Old School style tattoo to...
    Boobies Tattoo & Art Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • I-Tattoo Art Space

    232 Panyu Lu, near Xinhua Lu

    番禺路232号, 近新华路

    138 1868 0908
    Part tattoo parlor, partly shared tattooist studio, I-Tattoo does your inking and provides a working space for tattoo artists without a fixed location. It's open to domestic and...
    I-Tattoo Art Space Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • Utopia Tattoo (Shaanxi Nan Lu)

    No. 1, Lane 188 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Xinle Lu

    陕西南路188弄1号, 近新乐路

    3368 5519
    Long-standing tattoo parlor. Small designs usually start at around 500rmb, larger ones at 1,500rmb. Piercings range from 200-400rmb.
    Utopia Tattoo (Shaanxi Nan Lu) Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • JZ Tattoo & Piercings

    No. 102, Lane 39 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu

    陕西南路39弄102号, 近淮海中路

    150 0029 4474
    Coquettish little tattoo studio in the heart of Jing’an. They've got a wide range of designs on demand or they can create custom tattoos. Their team is bilingual so they can...
    JZ Tattoo & Piercings Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • John Long Tattoo

    264 Maoming Bei Lu, near Wujiang Lu

    茂名北路264号, 近吴江路

    6271 7685
    Tattoos & Piercings
    Jing'an District
  • Cang Long Tattoo (Yongjia Lu)

    425 Yongjia Lu, near Taiyuan Lu

    永嘉路425号, 近太原路

    3356 1660
    Tattoo studio in Xuhui specializing in blackwork. Spacious, dark, with relaxing R&B music in the background, the elegant decor and furniture here are all curated by Shen Weiguo,...
    Cang Long Tattoo (Yongjia Lu) Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • No Way Back Tattoo Parlour

    163 Changshu Lu, near Anfu Lu

    常熟路163号, 近安福路

    No Way Back Tattoo Parlour Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • Dian Shi San (Yuyuan Lu)

    1213 Yuyuan Lu, near Anxi Lu

    愚园路1213号, 近安西路

    189 6447 7458
    Dian Shi San is a hybrid of Cafe, craft beer bar, and tattoo design studio. The tattooist and barista, Jinn, is behind the espresso machine, making specialty coffee drinks like...
    Dian Shi San (Yuyuan Lu) Shanghai
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • Kwan-yin Tattoo

    280 Xinzha Lu, near Huanghe Lu

    新闸路280号, 近黄河路

    5375 0976
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • Ink&Co.

    No. 8, Lane 71 Huating Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu

    华亭路71弄8号, 近淮海中路

    135 0189 9446
    Two-story professional tattoo studio. Ground floor's the reception and where you can design your tattoo. Second floor is for tattoo-work and tattoo removal. They also say they...
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • China Ink Tattoo

    3/F, Bldg 1, 200 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu

    泰康路200号1号楼3楼, 近思南路

    4000 309 390
    Tattoos & Piercings
  • Sick Rose

    No. 31, Lane 56 Yandang Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu

    雁荡路56弄31号, 近淮海中路

    135 2457 5993
    Tattoos & Piercings