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    Ebusiness Prime

    11/F, Yunsun Tower,
    2025 Zhongshan Xi Lu,
    near Yishan Lu

    永升大厦11楼, 中山西路2025号, 近宜山路

    159 0057 0016
    • Ebusiness Prime Shanghai
    • Ebusiness Prime Shanghai
    • Ebusiness Prime Shanghai
    • Ebusiness Prime Shanghai
    Situated at Yunsun Tower in Xuhui, Ebusiness Prime is a one-stop solution provider with experienced staff that have worked in the relevant field for 15 years, dedicated to helping foreign firms step into the Chinese market while also offering...
    Business Consultancy
    Business Registration
    Sourcing Agencies
  • Scandic Sourcing

    Rm1208, 525 Jianguo Dong Lu, near Chongqing Nan Lu

    建国东路525号1208室, 近重庆南路

    Scandic Sourcing develop customized solutions and support offerings that match our clients needs and budgets. Their clients range from SME's to multinational companies. 
    Cleaning Services
    Sourcing Agencies
  • Easy Imex

    Rm607, No. 39, 168 Chengjiaqiao Lu, near Jinhui Lu

    程家桥路168弄39号大树下创意园607室, 近金汇路

    5422 0233
    A professional sourcing agents with over 25 staff in their office to help sourcing product, verigy suppliers, quality inspection and negotiate price.
    Sourcing Agencies
  • Dragon Sourcing

    Rm1502, 998 Rinmin Lu, near Huiji Lu

    人民路998号1502室, 近会稽路

    6141 3955
    Dragon Sourcing is an international sourcing and procurement service provider that offers sourcing services from emerging markets like China and Vietnam. It is one of the...
    Sourcing Agencies
  • Baysource Global

    3F, Building 15, 271 Qianyang Lu, near Qilianshan Nan Lu

    千阳路271号15号楼3F, 近祁连山南路

    Baysource is best known for manufacturing outsourcing, but you can also use their services for sourcing products. It’s a good option for you if you’re a small business or an...
    Sourcing Agencies
  • 80/20 Sourcing

    Founder is based in Shanghai.

    80/20 Sourcing is more of an online resource for you if you want to source products from China. 80/20 company is mostly known for its courses and high-quality coaching material....
    Sourcing Agencies
  • LINC Sourcing

    Rm 601, Tower one, 218 Tianmuxi Lu, near Gonghe Lu

    天目西路218号一号楼601室, 近共和路

    LINC Sourcing is based in Europe with its head office situated in Sweden, but it also has offices in China, Spain, the UK, and Italy. They also have a stable network of more...
    Sourcing Agencies
    Jing'an District
  • Keen Sourcing

    Rm1103, 55 Qianshao Lu, near Dongchuan Gong Lu

    前哨路55号1103室, 近东川公路

    5981 0359
    Keen Sourcing is dedicated to help small business and Amazon seller to source products from China. They do NOT charge any commission from suppliers. Keen Sourcing established...
    Sourcing Agencies