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  • Paw Pals Animal Rescue

    PPAR is a Shanghai-based shelter founded in 2007 by a group of individual animal rescuers that did not have a safe place to keep their rescued cats while they looked for good...
    Paw Pals Animal Rescue Shanghai
    Pets & Animals
    Charity & Support Groups
  • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Huangpu)

    99 Dongqinlian Lu, near Dajing Lu

    东青莲路99号, 近露香园路

    6733 7866
    Clean, friendly, and high-end full-service vet clinic on Dongqinlian Lu. They can handle check-ups, surgeries, vaccines, lab tests, advice on relocating your pet, behavioral...
    PAW Veterinary Clinic (Huangpu) Shanghai
    Pet Hotels
  • Shanghai Westend Equestrian Club

    Gate 1, Changxing Island Country Park, 199 Qiugan Lu, near Fenghuang Gong Lu

    长兴岛郊野公园1号门, 秋柑路199号, 近凤凰公路

    150 0090 6417
    Located in Changxing Island Country Park, Westend Equestrian Club covers over 20 acres and provides services such as classes, camps, and competitions. Their stables are suitable...
    Shanghai Westend Equestrian Club Shanghai
    Sports & Recreation
    Equestrian Clubs
  • Dog Park at West Bund

    3268 Longteng Dadao, near Dong'An Lu

    徐汇滨江绿地 龙腾大道3268号, 近东安路

    An off leash furry fest for your four legged friend. Let your dog roam free and sniff butts to their heart's content. Pet's Playground next to Long Museum is THE pet social...
    Dog Park at West Bund Shanghai
    Dog Parks
  • PAW Veterinary Clinic (Pudong)

    No.1-11, 1755 Donglu Lu, near Jingao Lu

    东陆路1755弄1-11号, 近金高路

    5043 5620
    Clean, friendly, and pricey full-service vet clinic with English-speaking doctors. They can handle check-ups, surgeries, lab tests, and even grooming and dentistry. They also...
    PAW Veterinary Clinic (Pudong) Shanghai
    Pets & Animals
  • Cozy Pet Town (Pudong)

    151 Jieya Lu, near Jinxiule Lu

    洁雅路151号, 近锦绣东路

    185 1212 9299 (Chinese speakers), 159 0069 9906 (English speakers)
    A cozy pet hotel to send your furry friend when you go off on holiday. This is the first Cozy Pet Town location, situated in Pudong. It's quite far from any public transport, so...
    Cozy Pet Town (Pudong) Shanghai
    Pet Hotel
    Pets & Animals
    Pet Training
  • HappyNest

    Online service

    185 1676 3608
    HappyNest connects a community of pet lovers with pet parents; daily visits for your cat, boarding for your dog, whether you need to leave for a weekend, for long holiday, or...
    Pet Hotels
    Pet Sitting
    Pet Training
  • Doctors Beck & Stone (Weining Lu)

    500 Weining Lu, near Changning Lu

    威宁路500号, 近长宁路

    3250 6732
    Friendly, foreign-run vet under New Ruipeng Pet Healthcare Group - which is dedicated to professional pet services and has over 1,600 hospitals nationwide. For an appointment,...
    Doctors Beck & Stone (Weining Lu) Shanghai
    Pet Hotels
  • Eleventh Hour Rescues

    Internet Community

    Eleventh Hour Rescues started with a group of five hobby rescuers in 2018. They educate other novice rescuers on TNR (Trap Neuter Release) and self-funding for vet tests....
    Pets & Animals
  • Shanghai Animal Rescue



    Shanghai Animal Rescue is a local dog rescue group. They welcome people to adopt, sponsor and donate crates. Finding adopt homes for shelter dogs in Europe nad USA is one of...
    Pets & Animals
    Charity & Support Groups
  • Bengie Pet

    B2 & 7/F, Red Star Macalline, 1108 Zhenbei Lu, near Meichuan Lu

    红星美凯龙B2楼和7楼 真北路1108号, 近梅川路

    186 1684 5705
    Pets & Animals
    Pet Hotel
    Pet Sitting
  • BuddyDog Training & Boarding (Feng Xian)

    1249 Haisi Lu, near Nanhaigong Lu

    海思路1249号, 近南海公路

    5744 3866/ 135 2476 1908
    From the road BuddyDog doesn’t look all that welcoming, but inside the vibe improves. On the ground floor you have a long swimming pool for water-inclined pups, the pricier pet...
    BuddyDog Training & Boarding (Feng Xian) Shanghai
    Pets & Animals
    Pet Hotel
    Pet Training
  • B&M Pet Hotel (Huacao)

    396 Xingle Lu, near Zhuguang Lu Tunnel

    幸乐路396号 近诸光路地道

    5443 8700
    Named after the owner’s “famous” dogs Baozi and Man Tou – no, really – B&M is a cute pet boarding business with three Shanghai locations. This is the Minhang location. Owner,...
    Kids & Family
    Pets & Animals
    Pet Grooming
  • TA (Think Adoption)

    Internet community

    Think Adoption (TA) is a pet adoption and rescue organization started by Chris Lau in 2011. They partner with shops to house dogs and cats for adoption. They also created a...
    Pets & Animals
  • Mahota Farm

    Chongming Town, Beiqiyao Modern Agriculture Park


    3966 6039
    A self sustainable farm covering 43 acres with a piggery (a couple thousand pigs), and farm tours where you can pick your own vegetables. Day trip visits to the farm are 280rmb...
    Cooking Schools
    Vegetarian & Vegan