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    Shanghai International Circuit, 2000 Yining Lu, near Anxiao Lu

    伊宁路2000号上海国际赛车场, 近安晓路

    6956 9984
    Drive around like a maniac (safely, of course) at Shanghai's largest race track, which is also host to the famous Shanghai Grand Prix. Unfortunately F1 cars unavailable to the...
    SIC KART LAND Shanghai
    Go Karting
    Kid's Outdoor Activities
  • Shanghai Art & Design Academy

    851 Jiahang Gonglu, near Changxu Lu

    嘉行公路851号, 近昌徐路

    6997 7814
    An old and well-established college, Shanghai Art & Design Academy (SADA) is the only college of its kind in Shanghai founded in 1960.The Academy has six schools in Fashion and...
    Shanghai Art & Design Academy Shanghai
    Adult Education
  • Montessori School Of Shanghai

    4 locations in Shanghai:

    The Montessori Schools are world-renowned, based on Maria Montessori's philosophy which encourages, respect, curiosity and self-development.
    Montessori School Of Shanghai Shanghai
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
  • Shanghai Auto Museum

    7565 Boyuan Lu, Anting Town, Shanghai


    6955 0055
    Some space age-looking building in bumblefuck nowhere that looks like like it was designed by Mega Man. Surprisingly well done. Even if you don't know anything or care anything...
    Shanghai Auto Museum Shanghai
  • Poly Grand Theatre

    159 Baiyin Lu, near Yuanxianghu Lu

    白银路159号, 近远香湖路

    6708 8666
    Opened in 2014, the Shanghai Poly Grand Theater is one of the major cultural facilities in Shanghai. The 56,000 square meter space regular hosts various different performances,...
  • Guyi Garden Restaurant

    218 Huyi Gong Lu, near Guyi Yuan Lu

    沪宜公路218号, 近古猗园路

    Stately old Chinese restaurant with soaring beams in the dining room, where the first xiao long bao were supposedly "invented" in the 19th century.
    Xiao Long Bao
  • Shanghai Qinglin Kendo Club

    9 locations in Putuo, Yangpu, Baoshan, Nanxiang and Jiading

    150 2667 8417
    A kendo club with about 200 practitioners, not including university students who join irregularly. It's affiliated with the China Kendo Organizations Union (CKOU) and officially...
  • Guyi Garden

    218 Huyi Gonglu, near Guyi Yuan Lu

    沪宜公路218号, 近古猗园路

    5912 2225
    Pleasant Chinese garden in Jiading district that hosts a major lantern festival each Chinese New Year and is home to a restaurant where soup dumpling were supposedly "invented".
  • Changhui Mansion

    799 Yinxiang Lu, near Chaxi Lu

    银翔路799号, 近槎溪路

  • ColliePet

    S1-208, 1078 Huajiang Gonglu, near Aite Lu

    北虹桥时尚创意园S1-208, 华江公路1078号, 近爱特路

    131 6614 2037
    A pet photography studio out in Jiading that also does home visits and on-location shoots all across Shanghai and even neighboring provinces.
    Pet Photography
  • Porsche Experience Centre

    Shanghai International Circuit, 2588 Yining Lu, near Anxiao Lu

    伊宁路2588号, 近安晓路

    6156 5911
    The 6th Porsche Experience Centre worldwide and the 1st in Asia, they've got facilities for driving experience, test tracks that can replicate driving on ice all year round, and...
    Porsche Experience Centre Shanghai
    Exhibitions Centers
  • Simon Kindergarten

    Building 16, No. 68 Lane 1771 Yuming Nan Lu, near Hongde Lu

    裕民南路1771弄58号16栋, 近洪德路

    Simon Kindergarten Shanghai
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens
  • Meishan Pig Species Protection Farm

    1991 Jiatang Gong Lu, near Zhao'an Lu

    嘉唐公路1991号, 近赵庵路

    5917 9276
    A research and protection center for an endangered species of 'lard pig' native to Shanghai, famous for its wrinkly skin, massive floppy ears and high, high fat quantity. Some...
    Tourist Attractions
  • Shanghai Arete Bilingual School (Primary & Middle Division)

    800 South Ande Lu, near Anzhi Lu

    南安德路800号, 近安智路

    Primary Schools
    Secondary Schools
  • Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy (Meimei Campus)

    No. 399 Zhongren Lu, near Jintong Lu

    众仁路399号, 近金通路

    Shanghai Meimei Kids' R 'Kids adheres to the core education concept and characteristics of Kids' R 'Kids, implements the original KRK curriculum in the United States.
    Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy (Meimei Campus) Shanghai
    Early Childhood & Kindergartens