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Shanghai Auto Museum

Shanghai Auto Museum

7565 Boyuan Lu, Anting Town, Shanghai

Jiading District


6955 0055
10 mins walk from  Shanghai Automobile City
Web: -
Daily, 9.30am-4pm (Closed Mondays)

Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 11, 2019
Some space age-looking building in bumblefuck nowhere that looks like like it was designed by Mega Man. Surprisingly well done. Even if you don't know anything or care anything about cars. Five floors and five exhibition spaces: the History Pavilion traces the history of human transportation and the development of the automobile in the 20th century; the "Shanghai Memories" Pavilion is about China's and specifically Shanghai's automobile development and industry; the Antique Car Pavilion is just a shitload of nice-ass cars in a big room; the Exploration Pavilion is how cars work and are built, and games for kids; and the Brand Pavilion, which is just 15 or so lipstick red Ferrari's from across the decades. All-in, there's around 80-100 cars on display, dating back to the earliest automobiles from the late 19th century to the modern electric cars of this era. The accompanying documentation is also very well done, in both English and Chinese, and they've even got French and German-language audio guides.
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