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  • Artscape Shanghai

    4/F, Bldg 2, 222 Caobao Lu, near Cangwu Lu

    漕宝路222号2号楼4楼, 近苍梧路

    400 8201 955
    Artscape Shanghai is a professional photo printing studio started in the 1990s. It is one of the first studios in the country that does minute spraying photo printing with a...
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  • Qiezi Selfie Photo Studio

    Room 215, 1700 Beijing Xi Lu, near Jiaozhou Lu

    北京西路1700号215室, 近胶州路

    189 3043 8635
    Printing Services
    Jing'an District
  • icootoo

    4/F, 1399 Pingliang Lu, near Ningguo Lu

    平凉路1399号4楼, 近宁国路

    2023 0015
    Office location of Coo-Too, an online service that provides customizable printed goods; photobooks, calendars, canvas prints, panel prints, posters, etc. They're also launching...
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  • Picjoy

    Room 206, Building 45, No. 555 Gui Ping Road, Caohejing Hi-Tech Park


    186 2169 8667
    English- and Chinese-speaking printing gurus since 2000! Picjoy provides printing services at local Shanghai prices for international clients. Catalogues, brochures, flyers,...
    Printing Services
  • Harris Photo

    4/F, 351 Zhaohua Lu, near Dingxi Lu

    昭化路351号铭光商务楼, 近定西路

    156 9215 3967
    Harris Photo is a fine art print service provider. Services can be divided into two major sections, digital fine art print and platinum & palladium print. With a state of art...
    Printing Services
  • Wasavy's Printshop

    Rm 202, Bldg 3, 764 Changle Lu, near Fumin Lu

    长乐路764弄3号202室, 近富民路

    138 1707 0764
    T-shirt printing shop run by a couple of cool foreigners who live here. You can go down and design and print your own shirts. They have everything you need to do it. Works out...
    Printing Services
  • Bestrand Printing

    Bldg 38, Lane 2049 Pujin Lu, near Luheng Lu

    浦锦路2049弄38号楼, 近芦恒路

    185 2159 5446
    Bestrand Printing provides printing services for books, magazines, brochures, and boxes. Visit their website for more information.
    Printing Services
  • Artifesto (office only)

    3/F, 1035 Changle Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu

    长乐路1035号3楼, 近乌鲁木齐路

    400 920 5009
    Artifesto offers fine art print services to photographers and creative minds. Through its online platform, anyone can easily create professional fine wall art decor. Artifesto...
    Printing Services
    Jing'an District
  • Call2Print

    12/F, Bldg 2, 926 Zhenhua Lu, near Dahua Yi Lu

    真华路926弄2号楼12楼, 近大华一路

    135 1212 7905
    Full-service printing & packing company specializing in trade journals, glossy magazines, company catalogs & stationary, marketing publications. They can handle print runs from...
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  • QINPrinting

    Room 603, Bldg 2, Riverside International Plaza 1062 Yangshupu Lu, near Anpu Lu

    滨江国际广场2号楼603室, 杨树浦路1062号, 近安浦路

    6538 1716
    QINPrinting is a custom printing company that provides paper printing services for books, catalogs, booklets, calendars, magazines, paper boxes, etc.
    Printing Services
  • Shanghai Custom Packaging

    Bldg 3, Lane 780 Xinge Lu, near Maixin Gonglu

    新格路780弄3号厂房, 近卖新公路

    8785 0068 / 150 0072 3435
    Shanghai Custom Packaging is a paper packaging company that offers services for a variety of boxes and more. They are ISO and FSC certified. Visit their website for more...
    Printing Services
  • Lu Jia Graphic Express Printing

    436 Dongchang Lu, near Pucheng Lu

    东昌路436号, 近浦城路

    5049 0859
    Fast, cheap printing service just off Dongchang Lu metro station in Pudong. The place is well lit with young and attentive staff. There are four computer stations that feed into...
    Printing Services
  • Commercial Printing Service Provider

    Suite 1103, Bldg A, 1775 Cao'an Gonglu, near Xinyu Lu

    曹安公路1775号A座1103室, 近新郁路

    138 1825 2972
    Printing Services