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Property Agencies (Residential)

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  • LifeIN Real Estate

    Unit 105, 500 South Xiangyang Lu

    135 8579 5794
    LifeIN Real Estate is a fast growing real estate boutique agency, focusing on the rental of commercial and residential properties for international companies and expats in...
    Property Agencies
  • Joanna Real Estate (Jiashan Lu)

    140 Jiashan Lu, near Yongkang Lu

    嘉善路140号, 近永康路

    137 8898 1252
    Joanna Real Estate (JRE) is a luxury relocation services provider in China, specializing in corporate service, relocation, home and school finding, and visa services.
    Joanna Real Estate (Jiashan Lu) Shanghai
    Property Agencies (Residential)
  • Wanna Home

    Room 1325, 1033 Kangding Lu, near Yanping Lu

    康定路1033号1325室, 近延平路

    136 8175 2627
    These people specialize in relocation services for newcomers to Shanghai. Their primary focus is finding affordable apartments for high-end newbies but they also offer tailored,...
    Property Agencies (Residential)
    Moving & Relocation
  • Joanna Real Estate (Meiyuan Lu)

    Rm 2807-2810, 228 Meiyuan Lu, near Gonghe Lu

    梅园路228号, 2807-2810室, 近共和路

    5228 5528
    JRE has over 20 years of experience as one of China's top luxury residential service providers. They cover the country's major cities and have over 450 local and expat agents...
    Joanna Real Estate (Meiyuan Lu) Shanghai
    Moving & Relocation
    Property Agencies (Residential)
  • Abbama Real Estate

    Suite 102, Bldg 16, 333 Biyun Lu, near Baihua Lu

    碧云路333号16号楼102室, 近白桦路

    3382 1030
    Abbama Real Estate helps expats to find an ideal residence in Shanghai. Abbama helps to find villas, apartments, service apartments and old houses. The dedicated, smart and...
    Property Agencies (Residential)
  • Shanghai Zhenshe Housing

    237 Hengshan Lu, near Yongjia Lu

    衡山路237号, 近永嘉路

    150 0216 9047
    Zhenshe Housing provides residential and commercial searching and lease management.
    Property Agencies
  • Hausmeister Shanghai

    Unit 4D, Yanqing Lu 54, near Donghu Lu

    延庆路54弄2号4D号, 近东湖路

    139 1832 1327 / 151 567 05011
    Full-service property agency that secures houses and apartments, provides assistance in HR and company set-up, negotiation with landlords, relocation services, visa support, etc.
    Property Agencies
  • Merry Home

    2F, Block 6, 113 Changshu Lu, near Changle Lu

    常熟路113弄6号楼创艺大厦2楼, 近长乐路

    5465 8533
    Property Agencies (Residential)
  • Ambassador Relocation

    21F, 1399 Beijing Xi Lu, near Changde Lu

    6217 8589
    Ambassador Relocation provides relocation services to expats in China. They manage a database of properties and provide 24/7 tenancy management, promising a 30-minute call back...
    Moving & Relocation
    Property Agencies
    Visa Agencies
  • Hao Realty

    1/F, Bldg 12, Lane 1670 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Hunan Lu

    淮海中路1670弄12号1楼, 近湖南路

    134 8285 0617
    Real estate agency with an expat focus, focusing on mid- to high-rent properties.
    Property Agencies
  • Townscape Housing

    1/F, 55 Changle Lu, near Chengdu Nan Lu

    长乐路55号1楼 成都南路

    5161 9783
    Property agency focused on expatriate residents looking for rental property.
    Property Agencies
    Moving & Relocation
  • Lan Apartment

    601 Fengyang Lu, near Datian Lu

    凤阳路601号, 近大田路

    6279 1088
    Lan Apartment provides service apartment lease in Shanghai. No service fee included.
    Property Agencies
    Jing'an District
  • Super City

    Rm 703, 2201 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Loushanguan Lu

    延安西路2201号703室, 近娄山关路

    136 8161 7970
    Property Agencies (Residential)
  • Longfor Group

    6F, Builiding B, 799 Shenchang Lu, near Zhouhong Lu

    申长路799号虹桥天街B馆6F, 近舟虹路

    6070 9888
    Longfor group has offices all over China providing long-term apartment rental service. They have a 24/7 hotline that can answer you questions.
    Property Agencies
  • JIA Real Estate

    7F, 450 Fushan Lu, near Xiangcheng Lu

    福山路450号7楼, 近向城路

    5820 1929
    JIA Real Estate provides lease for service apartment lease, old house and villa. They also work as corporate outsource partners to look for the right place for expats in Shanghai.
    Property Agencies