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393 Weihai Lu,
near Shimen Yi Lu

Jing'an Temple, Jing'an District


5309 9070
5 mins walk from  West Nanjing Rd
Web: -
Daily, 11:30am-12am

Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 5, 2019
Jalapeno is a casual restaurant and bar serving a cool and trendy style of TexMex based on the creations of Chef Gavin McAleer and the imagination of owner/operator Ken Walker, of Austin, Texas. While Jalapeno offers some traditional TexMex items on the menu, there are plenty of the untraditional and unheard of to keep guests interested -- deep-fried avocado taco, the Freeko grilled cheese taco, and the hearty Matador taco featuring beef chili, hashed browns, and a runny fried egg. They also do all their own sauces and condiments, including house made queso fresco, homemade sour cream, creamy queso dip and a slew of hot pepper sauces.
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