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The Hop Project
    • ADDRESS:
      372 Dagu Lu,
      near Chengdu Bei Lu
      大沽路372号, 近成都北路
    • PHONE:
      138 1795 0274
    • WECHAT:
      Jing'an District (Jing'an Temple Area)
    • METRO:
      10 mins walk from West Nanjing Rd
    • HOURS:
      Mon-Thu, 4pm-midnight
      Fri&Sat, 11am-2.30am
      Sun, 11am-midnight
    • WEB:
    • OPENED:
      Unknown. Listed since Sep 2016
    • Editor's Description
      Basically The Hop Project on Yongkang Lu, copy-pasted where Pint House used to be on Dagu Lu. Big porch, decent music and a wide enough selection of beers that you won’t get bored before you wallet runs dry. Picklebacks (whiskey shot and pickle juice chaser) available if you dare. They also serve grilled cheese sandwiches.
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    • We visited Co. Cheese Melt’s southerly concession (at The Hop Project on Dagu Lu) on a stunning, autumnal Sunday afternoon. I’d been to spin class that morning and I felt like the world of food was open to me. When you’ve spent 45 minutes in a dark room, sweating out half of your total body weight in front of an instructor who carries more muscle mass than the entire male cast of Love Island, you can eat whatever you damn well want to. That’s the rule.

      When my friend suggested a grilled cheese, it was a hard yes from me. All it took was a single picture of a tuna melt and I was sold. We got the bus down to Dagu Lu, took a table outside, and perused the endlessly tempting menu. I actually used a random number generator to select my sandwich because they all sounded so great.

      I ended up ordering a full-English-breakfast-style grilled cheese, featuring baked beans, egg, bacon and… well, cheese, obviously. My friend had a Mexican melee of avocado, refried beans and chorizo (plus the ubiquitous cheese). They were both a total delight. I’m not sure there are many greater pleasures in life than sitting in the sunshine and biting into a perfectly crispy, gooey-centred toasted cheese sandwich. The Mexican-style one was the definite favourite of the two, but both were good.

      There were a couple of minor issues here. For example, we were automatically given the large sandwich without asking or being asked. I’m not complaining exactly, but it did mean that we unintentionally spent and ate more than we meant to. The price is another slightly contentious point: we paid 220rmb for two grilled cheeses, two sparkling waters and a coffee. That’s pretty high considering we didn’t even have any alcohol, but you can bring the cost down if you visit on Mondays – you get a free house beer with every sandwich. It’s also a shame that the little creek outside is so smelly. Don’t sit on the tables closest to the pavement.

      Regardless, it was still a great lunch. I’d go back to try some of the other options, but I’d definitely ask for the small. I’d also take my own ketchup – despite the massive selection of hot sauces, as well as a few other condiments, they inexplicably didn’t have any of the red stuff. 

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    • Ned Kelly's Football Quiz

      Ned Kelly's Football Quiz has found a new home at The Hop Project. Made up of seven rounds of football fun including video clips, entry is free and there is a real life cup for the winners to hold aloft, as well as plenty of booze...
    • Haze for Days

      A month-long Haze for Days celebration at the Hop Project! Learn everything there is to know about China’s hazy IPA craft beer scene with special promotions all month long (From Sep 24-Oct 31). Taste unique hazy IPAs from 7...


    • Back to School HopFest

      Back to School HopFest at the Hop Project on Saturday, September 19th. With drinks starting at just 10 rmb from midday to 1pm, at 15 rmb from 1pm to 2pm, at 20 rmb from 2pm to 3pm and 30 rmb from 3pm till 10pm!
    • Hop Fest - Summer Break

      10rmb selected drinks and grilled cheese sandwiches from noon! Free Beer Pong comp with prizes at 2pm. 35rmb all Craft Beers till 10pm.
    • Taps & Tracks

      DJ Nmlss and DJ Matyla battle for audio supremacy. Hop Project will also be tapping several rare, alternative beer creations from Shanghai’s own Mingri Brewing to mark the occasion. Deals on tasting pours.
      • Nightlife, Happy Hour Deals, | The Hop Project | Fri Jul 17
      • 2020-07-17 Finished
    • 4th of July Party

      Hourly deals on house lager, house wine, bloody marys and classic grilled cheese sandwiches all at just 10 rmb from noon to 10pm.
    • Hop Fest

      HopFest Beer Festival at The Hop Project this Saturday with 10 rmb drinks from midday, 15 rmb drinks from 1-2pm, 20 rmb drinks from 2-3pm and 30 rmb drinks from 3-10pm. All craft beers 35 rmb all day. Casey playing tunes from 7pm.