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Paradise Classic 乐新经典

Paradise Classic 乐新经典

B2/F, 501 Yicheng Zhong Lu,
near Huayuan Shiqiao Lu

Pudong District


Inside: Shanghai Tower
5830 8386
15 mins walk from  Lujiazui
Web: -
Daily, 11am-10pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 9, 2019
A Nanyang restaurant chain in Shanghai Tower, brought to you by the Paradise Group, the company behind the colorful xiao long bao chain Paradise Dynasty. They serve assorted Cantonese and Singaporean dishes that you probably couldn't find anywhere else in Shanghai. It has a nice and bright environment. The Nanyang-style is clearly accentuated here, though they avoid the Hainan-Chicken-Rice and Bak kut teh clichés. The food is homely and rife with nostalgia. Good for family and friends. Average per head is around 100rmb-ish. They also offer stir-fried and soup vermicelli with various toppings, catering to the white collars working nearby. These usually cost around 35rmb to 52rmb.

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  • Hidden Gem in Shanghai Centre
    • This places, hands down, is a hidden gem on the basement floor of the glitzy Shanghai Centre, also home to the new high-rise bookstore that opened this month on the 52nd floor. On a visit to the new bookstore, I came down for a meal and was surprised to find the place fairly empty on a weekday night but the menu options looked enticing enough. This Singaporean restaurant has all the Singaporean delicacies, such as chili crab, bak kuh teh, and then some more.

      I was able to find a set meal coupon option on Dianping so I ordered off of that plus a desert of coconut sago. The set meal almost seemed too good to be true, we got their signature pork bun wrap, iron plate tofu with egg, Yangzhou fried rice, bak kuh teh soup, and curry chicken all for a mere 138 rmb. Let’s not forget that this is a restaurant located at the heart of the Pudong financial district.

      For starters, they offered us a small plate of mooncake samples for free, as they are promoting their mooncake sets at the store. I would hold off on eating those samples though, because mooncakes are super filling, and you probably won’t have enough stomach space left for the rest of the grand meal. The bak kuh teh arrived first in a large clay pot, and it is seriously the largest serving of bak kuh teh I ever had, not to mention very authentic. Next came the Yangzhou fried rice which is cooked with just the right amount of water, so that the rice are separated nicely. By the time the pork bun wraps came, I was already quite full but the pork buns simply screamed “eat me,” with their delicious texture and sauce. The iron plate tofu is also one of their signature dishes and comes highly recommended on Dianping, with good reason I would say. The tofu is placed on top of a flattened egg bottom, and is covered sauce. The outside has a bit of a crisp to it, but the insides are so soft that they almost melt in your mouth. When the last dish, curry chicken, came, my stomach completely shut down on me and I had to take it to-go.

      As they say though, there’s always room for desert, so I managed to fit the coconut sago in, and it was extremely creamy and just the right amount of sweet. All this amazing food for around 150 rmb, who could say no? (They had tea sets for 8rmb/ person and wet towels for 2rmb/each but you can also choose to opt out)

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