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Crafted by Bistro Burger

Crafted by Bistro Burger

199 Hengshan Lu, near Yongjia Lu

Xuhui District

衡山路199号, 近永嘉路

Inside: Yong Ping Lane
5427 0757
3 mins walk from  Hengshan Rd
Wifi: beer123456
Mon-Fri, 11am-midnight
Sat-Sun, 10.30am-midnight
Kitchen's last order, 11pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Feb 20, 2021
The Bistro Burger guys have opened up a spot on Hengshan Lu that's looking to move a little away from the "burger" and closer to the "bistro." In addition to a few nods to the original, they've got some seafood, some hot-dogs, some salads, some steak. Just an all round more balanced fare landing on the plate. Expect to hand out about 100rmb if you're sticking to the burgers and 'dogs, 200-300rmb if you're going for varying degrees of surf'n'turf. They have a very pretty rooftop terrace.

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  • Forgettable, forgotten bistro from one of Shanghai's big hitter burger chains
    • Crafted is on that little Yong Ping Lane near Hengshan Road station, and it's surrounded by other places to eat and drink. In that crowded F&B complex, you need to be at the top of your game to tempt customers away from all of the other bright lights and happy hour deals. Considering this, it's inexplicable that Crafted has been going since 2009.
      Crafted, from the people behind Bistro Burger, doesn't exactly have a USP to give it an edge, unless you count buy-one-get-one lobsters on a Tuesday (400-450rmb for your pair, in case you're  tempted). It's a self-proclaimed 'refined bistro' with the standard, slightly over-priced offerings you'd expect from that description. There's a set menu for two which isn't terrible value (520rmb), but it doesn't include any veggie mains. Steaks are either 258rmb for a small or 888rmb for a whole kilo. Their lobster mac and cheese is 188rmb.
      We ordered the 'glazed' black pepper ribs (98rmb), which arrived with a distinctly matt finish and a portion of fairly satisfying, crispy, skin-on fries. Look - the ribs didn't make us ill or anything, but they were so sad. Ribs should be an unctuous, gooey, tender mess of joy. These were bland. Disappointingly easy not to finish.
      We also tried the porcini risotto, one of the very few veggie options, and a zucchini salad. The risotto had a pretty good, rich flavour, but it was half cold when it reached the table (as were the ribs, actually). The salad - my word. Someone get that chef some salt, or anything acidic, or just... anything. I could vaguely taste the advertised truffle oil, and that's the best thing I can say about the dish. In total, we paid 254rmb for two people - no drinks and no service charge, which is lucky, because the service was impossibly slow.
      Crafted is an overpriced and underwhelming bistro, with lovely, warm lighting but disappointing, half-cold food. I imagine that few readers will be upset by this review, either. If it sunk beneath the tasteful paving of Yong Ping Lane, I doubt many people would notice - including its owners, who don't seem to be paying it much attention.

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