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200 Yongfu Lu,
near Fuxing Xi Lu

Xuhui District


5466 2727
5 mins walk from  Shanghai Library
ID: yongfooelite
Web: -
Mon-Fri, 5pm-1am,
Sat&Sun, 1pm-1am
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 10, 2019
Speakeasy-style cocktail bar at the back of the Yongfoo Elite garden. The bartender, a 20 year China veteran who's spent like 10 of them chilling in a bar in Hainan, is a laid-back and fascinating presence, as is the bar manager (and name in Shanghai's arty circles) Wei Wei. Unpublished books of erotica and poetry on the shelves, faded but comfortable furniture, at times odd music. Heavy, heavy pours. None of that fancy garnishing stuff and egg foam whatever. The bartender doesn't go in for any of that shit, he tells us. Drinks were great though. Not sure he'd care either way to hear it. But there you go. It's a place for Shanghai lifers to live forever.

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