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Experiemental in the Garden; Russian Punk in the Club; Whips and Furs in the Back

By Nov 21, 2017 Nightlife
There's some pretty darn tootin' rawk-and-whatever shows on Shanghai stages this week. Let's discuss them shall we! Been a while since we've been highlighting the local rawk scene. Let's correct that. Let's change that. Let's make this a regular thing again. Click on the jump for the details on Russian melodic hardcore act Bolt 69, Thanksgiving blips and bloops from Peng Zhuang in the park; and the Maybe Mars band du jour Fazi playing Yuyintang this weekend.


Your live music, these-shows-might-not-be-shit highlights this week are as follows. Fire up the VPN for song samples.

Thursday, November 23

L~N and Peng Zhuang will be performing special live sets at Keep It Quiet from 8pm to 9pm. Peng Zhuang will play a duo electronic live set L~N will perform a live set sampling the garden in real time with various microphones. The event will then move inside the bar for some DJ sessions.

If you like experimental music, gobs of booze, and hanging out in Narnia with Shanghai art scene weirdos, HAVE I GOT THE SHOW FOR YOU. Every Thursday down at the secret-ish art-damaged cocktail bar Keep It Quiet, they host in experimental artists in for live sets in their "art deco" lounge space-plus-mystical garden. Usually a lot of pipa looping and chin scratching. Which I support. It's super esoteric. This week's acts are glitch, breaks, ambient producer L-N, who recently soundtracked the Xintinadi yearly Christmas tree for them. (Seriously.) And Peng Zhunag, the white noise / no wave / synthwave duo from Super Sophia and Sacco, your friendly neighborhood record smugglers.

If the idea of Thanksgiving is a total farce for you, this is your sound alternative: Getting smashed at one of the strangest, most lovely bars in town, listening to original electronica/noise compositions from acts that will likely be swimming in Fireball. Here's a Peng Zhuang set at a previous Centaurs experimental night.

Stick around for a solid Kim Wilde cover.


Friday, November 24

Maybe Mars band Fazi (used to be The Fuzz) return to Shanghai behind their latest album. Brooding post punk from Xi'an. Good line-up of local support with Lao Ayi and Foster Parents. 80rmb at the door.

Maybe Mars. So hot right now. So hot five years ago. So hot 10 years ago. Returning to Shanghai is Maybe Mars-signed Xi'an post punk act Fazi, touring our superficial, fashion and money-obsessed city behind their latest record Heart of Desire their third release, quick on the heels of 2016's Root of Innocence. Formed in 2010 in Xi'an as The Fuzz, the band is returning from playing their first shows in Europe to some acclaim. Back in 2010 under The Fuzz moniker, they were more of a dance punk sort of thing. These days, they're a bit more brooding, synthier, and New Order-ey.

Never say die, microKORG.

Good local support on the bill too from local instrumental math rock act Foster Parents, themselves just off a new album release (check that out here) and Lao Ayi. Nice 1.


Saturday, November 25

BOLT69, punk rock band from Tver, Russia will stop for a show in Shanghai on their China tour with support from Struggle Session from Beijing and Shanghai's Spill Your Guts and Ugly Girls. Huge night of that punk rock. No cover. Starts 9pm.

Your blistering, tear-the-roof off punk/hardcore show this weekend is this little shaker at Harley's. Hosting in by local hardcore act Spill Your Guts is touring Russian act Bolt69.

Kind of a more melodic take on hardcore revival. Kind of reminiscent of glory days Against Me! in that track right here. That's all good. One for the teenage anarchists. Russian is a language really given to the call back. In my humble opinion.

This show has a stacked bill with a big card of support from two quality local acts, the always solid Spill Your Guts and riot grrrl revivalist Ugly Girls, the best new band around in Shanghai, it has been scientifically proven. Rounding out the bill is Beijing "brutally fun" grindcore act Struggle Session. If you haven't checked them out yet, you should get some church on this one. They were just in town last month and totally destroyed YYT.

Possibility of seeing dong at this show is almost 100%. Dong status: Inevitable. Dong status: We're through the looking glass.

Free dong and no cover at the door? That's just good value.


In the Future We're Looking Forward to...

Setting tinnitus-inducing noise-pop against a tension-wracked JoyDivision-meets-Slowdive backdrop, this Brooklyn trio drenches lovesick indiepop in sheets of deafening static and distortion. They have been called the loudest band in New York and have redeemed a reputation as one of the best live bands on the planet. 120 pre-sale; 150rmb at the door. Tickets to be available on SmartTicket.

Hot damn. Post rock promoters New Noise are taking a break from hosting in bands that play "swirling soundscapes" and "subtle builds to cathartic crescendos" to host in one of the best bands to come out of NYC in the last whenever. Apocalyptic post punk band A Place to Bury Strangers is playing the 'tang. Good for people who listen Psychocandy at 11. Stick around for the last 20 seconds or so.

Tickets status: This will sell out for sure. According to the promoters last week, they've already moved 100-150 tickets for this December show. You should get your sooner rather than later if you want to go. You can do so right here.




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  • 4 years ago Djentlewomen Unverified User

    Don't forget Ghost Iris Nov 27 at YYT!

  • 4 years ago TSkillet

    Is "Fuck You Yankee Blue Jeans" touring soon?


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