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  • Propaganda Poster Art Centre

    7/F, East Bldg, 726 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Jiangsu Lu

    延安西路726号东楼7层, 近江苏路

    139 0184 1246
    This is the new location for this slightly secretive museum. During December 2019, it moved out of its old basement and into this old-fashioned office building. Propaganda...
    Propaganda Poster Art Centre Shanghai
  • Sihang Warehouse Battle Memorial

    21 Guangfu Lu, near Xizang Bei Lu

    光复路21号, 近西藏北路

    6380 8222
    The Sihang Warhouse Battle Memorial commemorates the defense of the building by Chinese forces against the Japanese advance through Zhabei, from October 26 to November 1, 1937....
    Sihang Warehouse Battle Memorial Shanghai
  • Shikumen Open House Museum

    Lane 181, Taicang Lu, near Madang Lu

    太仓路181弄, 近马当路

    3307 0337
    A tiny little renovated lanehouse in Xintiandi which aims to capture what life was like 100 years ago in a traditional Shikumen house. Entry is either through the stone gates or...
    Shikumen Open House Museum Shanghai
  • Former Residence of Mao Zedong

    No. 5-9, Lane 120 Maoming Bei Lu, near Weihai Lu

    茂名北路120弄5-9号, 近威海路

    6272 3656
    This was Mao's residence when he was working in Shanghai in 1924 as CPC's Central Committee’s Organization Department Minister. Built in 1915, it’s a beautifully restored...
    Former Residence of Mao Zedong Shanghai
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  • Shanghai Tobacco Museum

    728 Changyang Lu, near Tongbei Lu

    长阳路728号, 近通北路

    6166 5970
    Yes, Shanghai has a tobacco museum, celebrating the glorious achievements of China's homegrown cancer industry. It is dark, dingy, a little weird and they might require you to...
    Shanghai Tobacco Museum Shanghai
  • The Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments

    No. 2, Lane 18 Gao'an Lu, near Hengshan Lu

    高安路18弄20号, 近衡山路

    5465 1834
    If you're into Asian musical instruments but not into going to Minhang, there's also this small museum founded by the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, located in a little garden...
    The Museum of Oriental Musical Instruments Shanghai
  • Shanghai Auto Museum

    7565 Boyuan Lu, Anting Town, Shanghai


    6955 0055
    Surprisingly well done museum that's good even if you don't know anything or care at all about cars! Five floors and five exhibition spaces, chronicling the history of human...
    Shanghai Auto Museum Shanghai
  • Shanghai Public Security Museum

    2-4/F, 518 Ruijin Nan Lu, near Xietu Lu

    瑞金南路518号2-4层, 近斜土路

    6472 0256
    This rather menacing place plots the history of that most beloved Shanghai institution, the local security machine. The focus is mainly on the police department, with a bevy of...
    Shanghai Public Security Museum Shanghai
    Tourist Attractions
  • Minhang Museum

    1538 Xinzhen Lu, near Xinlong Lu

    新镇路1538号, 近新龙路

    Actually a huge, well-funded museum, but it's offbeat for being in Minhang. The original Minhang Museum opened in 2002 and closed in 2011, but its newest location hosts a...
    Minhang Museum Shanghai
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  • Lu Hanbin Typewriter Museum

    7F, 719 Yan'an Xi Lu, near Jiangsu Lu

    延安西路719号7楼, 近江苏路

    6466 4556
    A small, hyper-niche and quiet museum, dedicated to antique and contemporary typewriters. The venue displays some of the collection assembled over 20 years by Czech-based...
    Lu Hanbin Typewriter Museum Shanghai
  • Yuanwang Yihao

    200 meters to Southeast of Exit 3 Huangpu Binjiang, near Jingliu Lu

    龙华东路黄浦滨江3号口东南200米, 近经六路

    158 7424 2903, 152 2105 3659
    Yuanwang Yihao Shanghai
  • Camera Museum

    3/F, 300 Anfu Lu, near Wukang Lu


    5411 1152
    Tucked above Anfu Lu's western edge is a little museum dedicated to the history of cameras in China, stocking camera models dating back to 1920 (and some before). Special focus...
    Camera Museum Shanghai