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Kani No Kudaime 蟹の九代目

Kani No Kudaime 蟹の九代目

5/F, Plaza 66,
1266 Nanjing Xi Lu,
near Xikang Lu

Jing'an District


Inside: Plaza 66
3212 0002
10 mins walk from  West Nanjing Rd
Web: -
Lunch, 10am-2.30pm
Dinner, 5-10pm

Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 4, 2019
Otherwise known as Ninth Generation Crab, it looks like a swanky crab-restaurant; austere Japanese aesthetic, tanks with live crabs catering to those who want their crab "fresh." Its real specialty, though, are its Russian king and snow crabs, pulled from extremely cold water, frozen on the boat to -195 C, and then shipped through a supply chain that keeps them at precisely -28 C from Russia all the way to the fifth floor of Plaza 66. They're then deconstructed and turned into lavish Japanese crab banquets for 888rmb. It’s not an everyday meal, and it requires an appreciation of the delicate and often subtle flavor of Japanese food, but as a place for crab lovers to splash out in downtown, Ninth Generation Crab is a must.

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