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Rou Duo Fang 肉多坊木炭烤肉

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Rou Duo Fang 肉多坊木炭烤肉

2/F, 1068 Beijing Xi Lu, near Jiangning Lu

Jing'an District

北京西路1068号2楼, 近江宁路

6140 1306
15 mins walk from  West Nanjing Rd
Web: -
Daily, 11am-midnight
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Dec 1, 2020
This Korean BBQ joint is in the same building as Haoledi KTV and Haidilao hotpot. It is a typical medium-sized Korean BBQ restaurant with table grilling stations and exhaust columns. They do unlimited meat for barbecuing for 168rmb per person or a 148rmb per person option with the basic meat cuts for 100 minutes of all you can eat. The xingjiabi 性价比, price to quality ratio, was on par with other restaurants, no crazy amazing price or quality, but you get the value of your money. The drinks and desserts are included.

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  • All you can eat!
    • At this price point, pretty much all Korean BBQ tastes the same. You know exactly what it's going to taste like, you know exactly what to expect from the meat, the seasonings and the side dishes...hey this might as well be any Korean BBQ restaurant anywhere in China. 

      So why not get the most bang for your buck, and go to Rou Duo Fang for an all-you-can-eat experience on your next kBBQ outing? 

      138 RMB / person gets you the basic all you can eat package, while 168 RMB / person gives you access to the premium meats. I recommend going for the premium package, and ordering as much beef as possible, because isn't it such a waste to order pork dishes when it's all you can eat?! Here were some standouts from my last visit: 

      精品雪花牛肉 Premium "snowflake" beef: It's highly marbled, and comes in small servings. We ate three servings. Supposedly a single serving of it is 198 RMB off the regular menu, but who on earth does that? A fun fact about the Chinese "snowflake" beef cut is that it can come from any relatively fatty cut of the cow i.e. it's not standardized as to where it comes from, so the flavor can vary greatly. Wherever on the cow this snowflake beef came from had great beefy flavor. 

      LA调味牛排 LA marinated beefsteak: I have no idea what makes the flavor "LA", but it was saucy and flavorful. 

      牛舌 Beef tongue: Korean BBQ is a great way to get introduced to eating other parts of the cow if you haven't done so before. Cow tongue has a great chewy texture and strong beefy flavor. Its thin profile means its cooks in literally seconds - beware of overcooking! 

      蘑菇拼盘 - Mixed mushroom platter: No fancy mushrooms on here, just your regular mix of shitake/enoki/whitecaps etc. I recommend cooking them after you finish with a few rounds of beef, so they roast in the browned beef bits and fat. 

      Seafood bibimbap (mixed rice in a stone bowl): This was flavorful, the seafood was well sacued, and the veggies tasted fresh. For bonus points, don't touch the bottom of the stone bowl under the rice has seared and formed a nice crust. 

      Besides these dishes, there were a few that were kind of eh and I wouldn't order them again: 

      Tofu soup: Was a bit bland compared to the punch of savory spiciness I usually expect from Korean style tofu soup. 

      Pork belly: Need to be marinated (the marinated version is probably very good, but the original flavor was bland without dipping in a lot of sauces) 

      Salt roasted prawns: The girlfriend liked these and ordered two servings of them, but I personally didn't think the salt was doing any good on the outside of the the time they finished cooking, it was all rubbed/roasted off and you had to dip the prawns in other sauces anyway. 

      The all you can eat option includes beer, soft drinks, and soft-serve ice cream in a cone. This is a good place to have a birthday party, kick back with friends, and stuff your face with meat. I've had better Korean BBQ in Shanghai, but I've never had better value. 

      I recommend making sure you get a roasting surface with a flat surface, not a grill that will let the fat and drippings fall through into the fire. Let the meat roast in its own's so much tastier that way! They have different grill tops at Rou Duo Fang so you need to ask. 

      Rou Duo Fang is located at the intersection of Jiangning Road and Beijing Road, in the same building that has a Cha Li Si (Charlie's) on the first floor (the late night Hong Kong dim sum place, not the burger place). It's on the 3rd floor and it's always busy, so you might need to wait during lunch or dinner time. 

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