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Pudong International Airport
    • ADDRESS:
      6000 Yingbin Da Dao
      浦东国际机场, 迎宾大道6000号
    • PHONE:
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    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      5 mins walk from Pudong International Airport
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    • Editor's Description
      Pudong Airport: This is the city’s major international airport (airport code PVG) and a lot of overseas flights depart from here. It's located 35km outside the city center so you should calculate that into your travel times -- it takes around an hour to get there by taxi from downtown, and possibly much longer with traffic. A safer way is the super-speed Maglev train. There's a metro connection to the Maglev, but the entire ride takes well over an hour so that's not a great choice if you’re in a rush. Click on the "Maglev" tab for more details. Pudong Airport has two terminals, so check which terminal your airline is at before leaving. The building is designed by star architect Norman Foster and is relatively nice, but the lack of decent shopping and dining options inside makes it an unwelcoming place to spend time in.
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In Pudong International Airport