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Jiangyang Seafood Market 江阳水产市场

Jiangyang Seafood Market 江阳水产市场

1700 Taihe Lu,
near Tieyang Lu

Baoshan District


5281 0333
45 mins walk from  Bao'an Highway
Web: -
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Sep 23, 2020
A major food market on the outskirts of town. Many of the vendors of the old Tongchuan Lu Seafood Market in Putuo moved here after it got shut down. Burdock, eggplant, jiaobai, crab, shark, all kinds of fish... just about anything you can imagine is hawked here in as trikes zip around carrying produce and hither and thither. If you’re at all interested in how Shanghai gets, trades, handles or ships its food, and how the logistics of feeding a city of 25 million work, it’s a fascinating tour through our food supply. There are two Jiangyang markets, to be precise: the little Jiangyang Market (小江阳) and the big Jiangyang Market (大江杨), with different names in Chinese. Seafood is concentrated in the little Jiangyang Market. You can just wander in any time of day.
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