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  • Qipu Lu Clothing Market

    168 Qipu Lu, near Henan Bei Lu

    七浦路168号, 近河南北路

    Qipu Lu -- "cheap" street -- is a series of malls crammed, jammed, and stuffed full of cheap, cheap, cheap clothes, with some fakes for good measure. It's ground zero for young...
    Qipu Lu Clothing Market Shanghai
    Fabric Markets
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  • Hongqiao Flower Market

    718 Hongjing Lu, near Hongsong Lu

    虹井路718号, 近红松路

    5117 3882
    This market in Hongqiao sells more than an assortment of flowers. They also have a hodgepodge collection of furniture, housewares and art. The price range for potted plants...
    Hongqiao Flower Market Shanghai
    Flower Shops
    Offbeat Markets
  • Ju Qi Antique Market

    1539 Lingshi Lu, near Nanhuayuan Lu

    灵石路1539号, 近南华苑路

    6609 1620
    Big antiques market in Putuo. The two-story space is dingy, grotty and stinks of cigarette smoke, but it's packed to the brim with every kind of weird curio and dubious "relic"...
    Ju Qi Antique Market Shanghai
  • The Mansion of Triumphal Arch

    428 Tianmu Zhong Lu, near Haining Lu

    天目中路428号, 近海宁路

    Kaixuanmen Dasha is a four-story, aging theme mall of the type popular in the 90s and 2000s. It's home to the Health Products Market, a place to buy everything from ginseng,...
    The Mansion of Triumphal Arch Shanghai
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  • Jiangyang Seafood Market

    1700 Taihe Lu, near Tieyang Lu

    泰和路1700号, 近铁杨路

    5281 0333
    A major food market on the outskirts of town. Many of the vendors of the old Tongchuan Lu Seafood Market in Putuo moved here after it got shut down. Burdock, eggplant, jiaobai,...
    Jiangyang Seafood Market Shanghai
    Offbeat Markets
  • Qibao Night Market

    518 Zhongyi Lu, near Qixin Lu

    中谊路518号, 近七莘路

    Part of the city-wide (and government approved) night market economy, Qibao Night Market is run by Zhongmin Group, covering about 18,000sqm on both sides of Zhongyi Lu. The food...
    Qibao Night Market Shanghai
    Offbeat Markets
  • Pudong Mulan Huage (Magnolia Pavillion)

    140 Hangtou Lu, near Hangji Lu

    航头路140号, 近航吉路

    Magnolia Garden is an enormous warehouse literally stuffed to the rafters with antiques, collectables and curios from Shanghai and the surrounding areas. The building is dusty...
    Pudong Mulan Huage (Magnolia Pavillion) Shanghai
    Antique Shops / Markets
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