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Shanghai Song Cheng 上海宋城

Shanghai Song Cheng 上海宋城

1750 Shibo Dadao,
near Changqing Bei Lu

Pudong District


Inside: Expo Park
4008 888 518
5 mins walk from  Shibo Avenue
ID: shsc0429
Open Since Jun 2021
Daily, 10am-9pm
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Editor’s Description

Last updated: Jun 4, 2021
Song Cheng calls itself the oriental Broadway, but pfft... let's be realistic - it's a performance park with an ancient Chinese interior and some green spaces on the rooftop. Stage shows range from acrobatics to crazy water works. Entrance is 399rmb, including access to one of the main performances. Once you’re in, you can also dip into a bunch of other free shows and interactive experiences. The place is worth spending a day on especially if you are into Chinese history and culture.