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Saway Wang & Associates

Corporate Law
  • Saway Wang & Associates
  • Saway Wang & Associates
  • Saway Wang & Associates
  • Saway Wang & Associates
  • Saway Wang & Associates

Saway Wang & Associates

Corporate Law
  • 50F-51F,
    InterContinental Business Tower,
    100 Yutong Lu


    10 mins from Hanzhong Rd
    ID: saway_ww
    Open Since May 2010
    Mon-Sun 9am-6pm

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Oct 25, 2023
    Saway Wang and her team works in Yingke Law Firm, one of the most reputable law firms in the world. She is fluent in English, and has almost 10 years' experience in providing legal service for expats and foreign companies in China, which includes all types of cases related to dispute resolution, corporate and commercial, foreign direct investment, contract law, labor law, family law.

    Saway Wang serves as the legal counsel of many foreign and domestic enterprises including well-known multinational companies, WFOEs, Sino-foreign joint ventures, listed companies and state-owned enterprises. She specializes in various legal affairs related to company, such as enterprise establishment and change, investment and financing, mergers and acquisitions, drafting and reviewing contracts, bankruptcy and liquidation, company operation, compliance, employment, etc.
    Saway Wang also has significant experience in various foreign-related litigation and arbitration which involves contract dispute on international sales of goods, international maritime dispute, shareholders dispute, intellectual property dispute, lease contract dispute, labour disputes, civil disputes, intellectual property disputes, etc, in which are mostly satisfactory to the clients.

    Shen Mingwei is the partner of Yingke Law Firm. He is qualified to practice in securities and funds, and has rich practical experience in the fields of corporate and commercial affairs, investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, disposal of non-performing assets, dispute resolution, criminal defense, etc. He was awarded the title of “Outstanding Financial and Capital Market Lawyer” in 2021 by Yingke Law Firm.
    Shen Mingwei is the legal counsel of a number of financial institutions, SOEs and listing companies, which includes China Merchants Bank, Yangzi Bank, CITIC Bank, AVIC Group, Ouyeel (a subsidiary of Baowu Group), E-House Group, etc. He was honored as the excellent supplier by China Merchants Bank. Shen Mingwei also handles numerous criminal defense cases, litigation and arbitration cases.
    • Services Offered

      Company Law

      • Perennial legal consulting service.
      • Draft, review, amend contracts and all kinds of legal documents.
      • Mergers and acquisitions (including due diligence, providing legal opinions, etc).
      • Legal advice on company operation and management.
      • Issue Demand Letter.
      • Formulate compliance systems, rules and regulations.
      • Negotiation, legal training, etc.
      • Company bankruptcy, restructuring, liquidation and dissolution.
      • Corporate compliance (including data compliance).
      • Company registration and qualification certificates application.

      Dispute Resolution

      • Contract dispute (sales contract dispute, lease contract dispute, service contract dispute, etc).
      • Shareholders dispute (share transfer dispute, shareholder infringement of company interests dispute, etc).
      • Real estate dispute.
      • Infringement dispute (like traffic accident, infringement reputation right).
      • Labor dispute.
      • Criminal defense

      Foreign Direct Investment

      • Establish WFOE (wholly foreign owned enterprise) in China.
      • Company change.
      • Negotiate on commercial investment.
      • Assist WFOE in building a plant in China.
      • Assist the WFOE in communicating with government.
      • Legal support on general operation.
      • Company change.

      Intellectual Property

      • Intellectual property registration, renewal, change, transfer.
      • Claim of infringement.
      • Anti-unfair competition and trade secret.
      • Litigation or administrative reconsideration related to patent and trademark.

      Family Law

      • Represent in divorce or inheritance litigation.
      • Help clients obtain property titles from inheritance.
      • Draft pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, wills and other documents, and help notarization.

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