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Metro (Pudong)
    • ADDRESS:
      383 Baiyang Lu,
      near Longyang Lu
      白杨路383号, 近龙阳路
    • PHONE:
      6892 8888
    • WECHAT:
      Pudong (Century Park Area)
    • METRO:
      5 mins walk from Longyang Rd
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 6am-10pm
    • WEB:
    • OPENED:
      Unknown. Listed since Dec 2009
    • Editor's Description
      China's answer to Costco (until Costco arrived), German chain METRO doesn't have the nicest locations, but their distance from the downtown means that the warehouse spaces are absolutely massive. Vertigo-inducing shelves of pallets loom overhead while you're picking out 10-gallon drums of soy sauce. They also have the largest beer selection we've seen in China to date. This is where you shop when you need to do a dinner party for 20 teenagers and need chicken in party packs. Downside is that you have to sign up for a membership the first time you check out, but there’s no added cost, just a bit of irritation and some WeChat promotions.
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