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Yisheng Yue Wei (Eason Restaurant)


Yisheng Yue Wei (Eason Restaurant)

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Yisheng Yue Wei (Eason Restaurant)

  • 132 Yongkang Lu,
    near Xiangyang Lu


    20 mins from Hengshan Rd
    6473 5602
    Daily, 11am-9.30pm

    Editor’s Description

    Last updated: Jun 12, 2019
    Yisheng (or in its Anglicized form "Eason") is a small, cozy, cheap and cheerful Cantonese restaurant. Rather than the extravagant exotica the cuisine of this province is better known for, Yisheng does the more rustic home-style variety. The focus is on simple steamed and stir-fried dishes with fresh ingredients. Clay pot cooking also plays prominently on the menu. Being as small as it is, Yisheng fills up quickly and stays that way for most of the evening. Reservations are strongly recommended.
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    • Located on the blossoming street of Yong Kang Road, Eason Restaurant is a Cantonese restaurant that is famous for its claypot sausage rice, a popular Southern cuisine not to be missed. When eating the claypot rice, be sure scoop up the rice crust on the sides and bottom of the claypot as it is usually the best part of the dish! Aside from its claypot rice, this place is also known for its marinated chicken, braised pork feet, and sausage combo platter just to name a few. Like every authentic Southern Chinese cuisine, warm soup is served before the meal (kind of like an appetizer); although in other parts of China, you will find that soup may be served during or after the meal. As to why Southerners like their soups before the meal, well there’s a Chinese saying that goes like this: “drink soup before meals, slim and healthy; drink soup after meals, the more you drink, the fatter you get." Go figure.

      Eason restaurant is uniquely separated into various small buildings spread across Yong Kang Road so it’s not uncommon to see waiters/ waitresses carrying hot dishes across the busy streets from one side to another. Because of how the restaurant is separated into various segments however, it can be quite hard to get a waiter’s attention at times. Service may not be 5 stars (understandable I guess) but the food definitely is! I came right after having a late lunch of Indian butter chicken with naan, and still managed to stuff myself because of how yummy everything was. Dinner time can get quite busy (not to mention noisy due to large groups) so definitely book ahead of time. I would advice to come in a large group, as the serving size is quite large and it is better to share with a group so to try out more dishes. The overall meal is also quite affordable as it averages out to about 100 RMB/ person. 


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