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    • ADDRESS:
      408 Shaanxi Bei Lu,
      near Beijing Xi Lu
      陕西北路408号, 近北京西路
    • PHONE:
      6288 8773
    • WECHAT:
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from West Nanjing Rd
    • HOURS:
      Mon-Fri, 11am-midnight
      Sat&Sun, 11am-10.30pm
    • CARDS:
      Local cards accepted, WeChat, Alipay
    • PRICE:
      $$$ $$
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    • Editor's Description
      One of the only Austrian restaurants in Shanghai, Daliah serves a good veal schnitzel and also hosts community events. The service here can be slower than the bank, but the proprietors are well-intentioned, if not absent-minded. On the positive side, the place is extremely kid-friendly. They have a slide going from the second floor to the first, and several swings in the restaurant. Huge windows next to the street make this a fine spot for some coffee in Jing'an. For full meals, expect to pay at least 100rmb per person, but less if you're just getting a sandwich or a dessert.
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    • Build Your Own Bloody Mary

      Every weekend from 10.30am to 5pm, you can try your hand as bartender at Daliah's make your own Bloody Mary station for 99rmb (usually 199rmb). There'll also be free flow wine and prosecco for 108rmb and 130rmb for free flow mimosas and...
      • Nightlife | Daliah | Every Sat, Sun until Aug 26


    • Nüshù Intro to DJing Workshop

      "We want to encourage female-identifying, partially female identifying, femme, non-binary & queer individuals to experiment with sound and music. The Workshop is for all those who feel underrepresented in our heteronormative, male...
      • Community | Daliah | on Sat Apr 21, 2018
      • 2018-04-21 Finished
    • Swap Shop - Unisex Clothes Exchanges

      The Swap Shop is "a moment of gathering and encountering around re-cycling, re-manufacturing, and other re-conomic models to promote a conscious Zero*Waste thinking." One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. A Global movement...
      • Community | Daliah | on Fri Apr 20, 2018
      • 2018-04-20 Finished
    • Bridging Diaspora

      Bridging Dispora, hosted by Sam Lu is a series mediating cultural differences and tensions between Chinese and diasporic Chinese through a queered lens. Held in a mixed format between talk, visual, and music, with plenty of audience...
      • Community | Daliah | on Sat Mar 24, 2018
      • 2018-03-24 Finished
    • Italo Disco

      Artsy hotspot Daliah is throwing a disco party for Friday night. Fine Italo Disco on the stereo from local DJs and an Aperol Spritz special on offer at the bar. Starts 9.30pm.
      • Nightlife | Daliah | on Fri Mar 23, 2018
      • 2018-03-23 Finished
    • Queer Film Screening: 'Shanghai Panic' by Andrew Cheng

      Earlier this year Daliah invited David Buckley, the producer of “Saturday Night at the Bath” to show his favorite queer movies of the 60’s… This time, they asked Matthew Barren, co-founder & queer princess of CINEMQ to share a piece of...
      • NOT TAGGED | Daliah | on Wed Mar 14, 2018
      • 2018-03-14 Finished
  • The place to go in Shanghai
    For Daliah on April 12, 2016
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Feb 23, 2016
    Is Austrian
    Posted 1 Reviews
    Since I am Austrian, friends prepared me to check out this Austrian-owned fusion restaurant. I have to say that I expected something really different. It was hip(ster) weirdness in the best positive way.

    The interiour is incredible, the atmosphere on a chilled weekend day was perfect, everyone seemed happy and relaxed and the best part - the food was incredible!
    We had veal Schnitzel, tuna tartar, eggs hollandais and a cheese platter and everything was so delicious! I was really happy to get my Schnitzel, but in general, the fusion kitchen that they offer you - it's just so good.

    The owner was very friendly, staff was fine, friendly!

    Ohhh and check out the toilet...

    I will be back soon!

    Austrian-styled pandemonium
    For Daliah on July 19, 2015
    Value for Money
    Suitable for ...
    The Food
    A Date
    The Drinks
    With Family
    The Service
    Business Dinner
    With Friends
    Joined Aug 25, 2006
    Posted 13 Reviews
    One thing I normally wouldn't associate with Austrians - "pure f*cking pandemonium." They've created a space that probably looked amazing in the 3D renderings - a slide from the second floor to the first; high ceilings, swings, concrete, open-faced sandwiches, wide selection of beers, etc.

    What they ended up with: an echo chamber that bounces the sound around so much that the noise level is intolerable. Children running around, using the slides and swings. I watched in horror as one kid ran down the slide - one false step and he would have flown headfirst into concrete flooring from a height. Not that anyone would have heard his screams over the din.

    We tried the open faced octopus salad sandwich - it was "OK" although very cold and tough from sitting in the refrigerator. Made me wish I had the tasty version served at Henkes.

    Young staff that are trying their best but I imagine it wasn't the first beer that they had to comp. Like every restaurant in Shanghai - where in the world is the manager on a busy Saturday?

    On the plus side are the drinks - great selection of craft beers, various types of lemonade (lychee was tasty), a few wines on the menu. Locals didn't seem phased by the chaos: happily camped out working on architectural drawing projects, letting their kids run rampant, sipping sugar-laden lattes.

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