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Resurrection Hat-trick, Sabor And Daliah (Temporarily) Close, and A Peek at Peet's

By Oct 13, 2017 Dining
Not a good week for solid grasps on reality. Nothing is true! Everything is mutable! Flask, Craft and Sus2 are all back, Fei Dan is now Alimentari, Jalapeno is now the larval state of Bordertown, and coffeeshop Peet's is in a quantum state of open/not yet open. Breathe deep the uncertainty that is Shanghai's F&BScene.


Now Open

We've flicked Craft's setting back to "Open," after we received word that the fellows who moved into the spot once occupied by the popular vodka bar are, again, occupying that spot with that place. The old owners let them use the name, basically. Re-Reopening Party's tonight! Reviva Craft!

picture courtesy of Craft

Speaking of reviva, underground live joint Sus2 is back after Smash's closure. One dies, another lives.

About ten minutes after someone said speakeasies belonged in a museum, Flask opens around the corner. Hrrm. After the original Flask was cut down during the Great Shaanxi Shutdown of Spring '16, it's just popped up again inside another sandwich/shots shop Tiger Bites, just around the corner from Moka Bros and Beef & Liberty. Health food, burger deals, and a speakeasy: Kwah Center is officially Shanghai in microcosm.

Beach House opened up over More Than Eat the other day. It does western style seafood, and it looks like how a Norwegian interior designer who'd never left Balsfjord would design a beach house. It only serves 30 customers per day at the moment, so best make your reservations in advance.

Alimentari has opened up on the corner of Anfu Lu and Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. Brought to you by the people behind Gemma, it's a deli, imported goods store, and a place to chill, have a snack, have a drink. If that sounds a lot like the Feidan on that corner, well, yeah, that's because it is. Was.


Yeah, Feidan, it's gone.

In a bit of a surprise move, Sabor is closed until the 15th for some internal restructuring and staff training. According to someone who worked there, word is that star chef and founding member Diego Guerrero has left the establishment, along with most of the staff and the GM. Couldn't get any independent confirmation on that one, but hey, this is a gossip column. Slander and calumny are my trade.

In other renovation news, Daliah will be shut until October 18 for, as the word goes, massive renovations. Wonder if that slide'll stay.


Speaking of further massive renovations, Jalapeno shut down over the holidays. It'll be back, in some sense, as Bordertown. If you want to know more about this new Tex/mex-ish place from the same owners, and whether or not Mexico's going to pay for it, check out our wire here.

The Word Around Town

Before the break, I mentioned Daimon Bistro was planning to do a new thing. It turns out that thing was a redesign, a slightly rehashed menu (still approachable dim-sum inspired fare), and some new cocktails. The old design was Hong Kong chic, and has now been Hong Kong'd to hell; neon signs, posters, graffiti, there's a dude dressed like a Hong Kong police officer. Set Hong Kong to 11. I kind of dig it.

West Coast coffee chain Peet's is basically open but not really. As in, the doors were open and I walked in and had a lovely chat with the staff, who are very enthusiastic about coffee, but they're still waiting on their licenses to come through. Here's what the spot looks like inside.




It seems like they've got a bakery in the back and a bunch of lighter roasts specially introduced for the Chinese market (Peet's famously does a very dark roast). As the very friendly lady said, it doesn't look anything like the Peet's you might get in Boston, but they do a good decaf coffee here. Or, they would, if they were open, which they definitely aren't. So, hang in there, people, another week or so max.

The Happenings

Menus, Deals, Parties, Whatever

This week, Shanghai's oldest French restaurant Le Bouchon is having it's 20th anniversary. 20 years! Two decades! Old enough to have had two children, legally, in a monogamous relationship, with a third coming soon. Anyway, from October 16 to 21, it's 10% off your food bill and lucky draws every evening. Congrats to those guys.

Somewhat contemporaneously, Bar Rouge's weeklong 13th birthday celebration begins tonight. Partying like it's 1865.



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