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Mr Willis

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5404 0200


3/F, 195 Anfu Lu,
near Wulumuqi Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Changshu Rd, 10 mins. walk


Lunch: 11am-2pm
Dinner: 5pm-10:30pm
brunch: 11am-4pm


Local and international cards accepted


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Editor's Description
Last updated: October 25, 2013

An intimate, casual little bistro from Craig Willis. Looks like an apartment, cooks simple, tasty dishes like the friend who's always showing up everyone else at the dinner party. Willis has been the longtime chef for the Wagas group; this restaurant marks his settling down.

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Jul 23rd, 2013


Joined Nov/12
Posted 6 Reviews
From: Usa

The food at Mr. Willis top notch food. But this review is about the pumpkin. The pumpkin, as my friend told me before eating it

"Will change your life"

That was 2 years ago and I go back for the pumpkin at least once a month. Sometimes not eating anything else cause the place can be expensive if you don't like your date, or you are just by yourself in the area for lunch.

Get 2 orders of the pumpkin and you'll be a fan.

The beef is great, but expensive around 600 RMB. Can feed 4 and is mouthwatering.

The food is always good including the chicken and the fish, but this review is about the pumpkin. Good god

Expect to spend 400 if trying to keep price low and up to 600 for 2.

Also, try the sticky date pudding for desert. Girls and guys love it. Favorite restaurant in Shanghai.
Value for Money
Suitable for ...
The Food
A Date
The Service
Business Dinner
The Decor
With Friends

Apr 30th, 2013


Joined Apr/13
Posted 7 Reviews
From: Malaysian

My husband and I come here to celebrate special occasions. The dining experience here is rather personal as the restaurant takes one reservation for the dinner slot. Hence, you hardly see a queue and neither you feel rushed. Only setback is the place is rather small and it can get quite noisy at times depending on the crowd. The signature dish is the suckling pig. The meat is so tender that it melts in your mouth and the skin is cook to perfection. The crackling skin is so crisp and yummy. Pastas and pizzas are good. The pizzas are from La Strada. The deserts are alright. Tonight we had the chocolate truffles, wouldn't recommend it as it was way too chocolately for us. Wine prices are pretty steep, the cheapest a bottle of Longview bucket Shiraz Cabernet savignon cost about rmb 300 plus. Normally it's only rmb 128 per bottle at Baker and Spice. Skip the wine and enjoy the cocktails and beer and the suckling pig which is not to be missed. Remember to make reservation, it's a must.

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