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5403 8513


91 Changshu Lu,
near Changle Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Jing'an Temple, 4 mins. walk




Local and international cards accepted


$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)


Everyday from 5pm-7pm, Piro hosts "buy-one-get-one-free" on bottled beers and cheap draft by the pint -- 25rmb Tiger; 35rmb Stella.



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Editor's Description
Last updated: April 15, 2014

Piro is a pub and American eatery specializing in big American portions of Western classics – big list of burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, breakfasts, and more. It’s a relaxed and laid-back environment -- pet-friendly no less -- with a loyal crowd of expats there for the food, sports on TV, and beers. The place is popular for its rotating specials on food and drink, including its Monday night burger deal: buy a burger from 5pm to 10pm and get a free pint of Stella.

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Aug 31st, 2014


Joined Mar/07
Posted 14 Reviews
From: US

And that it was the other things that would drag Piro down. Namely the worst service of any restaurant in Shanghai. Many afternoons of waving and waving and waving down wait staff to change, correct, chase after orders, send things led to me to cross Piro off my restaurant list.

So fast forward to another lazy Saturday and I'm lying on my couch, shirtless of course. A/C blasting. And I want a burger. But I'm tired of the usual choices. So I dial up Sherpas (or pull them up on the old iPad) and click through to Piro's.

Hey - here's how I can experience the joy of eating a Piro's burger without having to suffer through their terrible service. So I order a couple of things and put the iPad down and get back to my marathon of 'Halt and Catch Fire'

45 minutes later, the order shows up. Thank the Sherpas guy and tip him 10 RMB for his trouble, unwrap the burger. Hmmm, looks great. Smells awesome. Take a bite. Whoa. Is this steak tartare? Despite the nice burger grilling and crust, it is completely raw inside.

Now, I'm not afraid of a little rare beef. My recipe for steak is "walk a cow through the dining room, show it a picture of a fire, carve and serve." But this was like straight out of the meat grinder and onto the bun raw. I cooked off the burger myself with a little pan frying, but seriously. It was completely uncooked.

Never again Piro!
Value for Money
Suitable for ...
The Food
A Date
The Service
Business Dinner
The Decor
With Friends

Oct 23rd, 2013


Joined Sep/13
Posted 5 Reviews
From: Canadian

Wordimus has messed up. Wordimus has offended humanity. Wordimus has done the worst possible thing in the entire world, by “trying to be funny but not actually being funny” (Wahhhhhh!). So Wordimus has spent 16 days and 15 nights bathing in saltiness of own tears, poured from thy own tear ducts (a.k.a. “tear ducts”). On the day of the 16th night, Wordimus arose from slumber of griefing to find serious chafing on private parts.

The chafing of private parts is more of the heart-shattering and of the soul-hurting than mean words could ever be. Even aloe and lots of kinds of lotions be not working. So whilst sprinting with vigorness around the streets, prospect of future happiness was of the not-bright…in fact, it was of the somewhat dim. Until Piro came into sight. And the smells of big fat beefiness makes heart of Wordimus of the happiness times and private parts of Wordimus of the slightly less chafed.

Is there anything else that could soothe the soul-damage of Wordimus? That could turn Minibillion back into Maxabillion? No. Heck of the no. Heck of the gosh darned no. With amazingness crispiness goldenular potato-fried fries in greatness portions. With lots of delicious juiciness flowing from substantialness of the burgers. With tastiness of maple chipotle sauce making sweet sexy-times with the tastebuds of thy mouth. Plates obtained from the waiter-men and waiter-women of the place called Piro is similar to thy volcano's of deliciousness, threatening to explode with tastiness of greatness and other some such.

Piro is of the awesome. Castle awesome-times is of the slightly lower-ranked in worldwide ranking of awesome places whenst compared to of the Piro. It is of the best for mending hearts and soothing parts. That is the word of Wordimus.

yeast-like bread-sheets

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