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6404 6685


2/F, 139-19 Changle Lu,
near Ruijin Lu


Xuhui 徐汇


Shanxi Rd (S), 15 mins. walk


Kitchen closes at 10pm


Local and international cards accepted


$ $ $ $ $ (Show Legend)


Buy one get one free on every Mon-Fri from 5.30-8pm.

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Editor's Description
Last updated: July 28, 2014

Bloc takes a contemporary twist on the cuisine of Eastern Europe. The menu features culinary touchstones of the region like pierogies, chicken paprika, goulash, borscht, chicken Kiev, etc. Also on offer is a selection of vodka and a handful of unique Czech beers. Decor is a bit plain, but there is a decent third-floor terrace that's at eye-level with the tops of the trees that line Changle Lu.

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Dining, Russian, Terrace, Outdoor Seating

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Dec 10th, 2013


Joined Apr/13
Posted 3 Reviews
From: Malaysian

If you’re going there, stick to the pizza and goulash.

The fried goat cheese salad is what ruined the night, second dish to arrive at the table. It was atrocious.

For less greens than what you get at a plastic wrapped pack at family mart, three balls of goat cheese, half a strawberry and two blueberries, you get to enjoy this piece of work for just 48RMB.

This salad is advertised to have “mixed greens with seasonal berries, candied walnuts and pine nut nougat served with fried goat cheese balls”.

The cheese balls are the size of a jiao. There were NO walnuts or pine nuts, except a sorry excuse of crystallized sugar the size of a fingernail. I could actually count the number of blueberries (2) and cheeseballs (3) and paper thin slices of strawberry that roughly added up to half a strawberry (me being generous).

48RMB? For salad? I know you’re trying to make money, but isn’t 20 for a soda water enough? (bulk buy yihaodian @ around 3kuai).

The solution? Oh, I’ll bring you five more cheese balls. I gave the salad to someone else because I couldn’t stand to look at it, I even lost my appetite.

I don’t usually write reviews outside work. But this really makes them a laughing stock. I’m a fan of BLOC in terms of what they do for Comedy and events, they're community friendly and try to branch out a lot.

They also messed up the bill, charging 5kuai more than they should, which of course, I caught. Tho, if I had a good meal, I probably wouldn't have noticed.
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Nov 4th, 2013


Joined May/12
Posted 12 Reviews
From: US/California

Responding to another commenter's review that Bloc is now just another "run of the mil" restaurant. While it is true, that the establishment has diversified away from the exclusive "Eastern European" heritage, the new items added to the menu are actually pretty stellar.

After the change in fact, Bloc has become a favorite namely for the dishes themselves.

1) It's difficult to find a consistent rack of bbq ribs that just blow your mind every time you order. While this is pure, blatant americana, likely encroaching on the likes of Boxing Cat or Southern Belle, I actually prefer Bloc's due to flavor and portion size.

2) I strongly dislike (i.e. hate) beets, but I LOVE their borscht <--not easy to spell. I'm not a big soup guy (excepting a good gazpacho, or a homey clam chowder in a bread bowl), but I could eat this borscht tall night.

3) Pierogies are ace. The onion/bleu cheese buggers, really hit the spot.

4) I am going to catch some flack here from die-hard, but go try it for yourself, Bloc has one of the best burgers in the city. It has an attention to detail as such that this burger actually gives me cravings. NY Steak and Burger is fantastic in and of itself, but the thing that sells me with Bloc is the combination of other items that sets this place apart (the chicken wings, the feta friend spring rolls, or the onion blossom).

5) Their revised rendition of the Chicken Kiev is better than the previous rendition (which was a tad under seasons, and too crunchy on the outside). They also use dark meat, which makes for a richer dish, which is delight.

Bloc keeps just enough of the Eastern European fare to make this place unique. And while I wouldn't say, that the identity is exclusively Eastern European any longer, I actually am a fan of the new stuff added to the menu, not just for the quality of the food, but also their price points are far better than others around the city.

Highly recommended for their new menu items.
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Jul 23rd, 2013


Joined Nov/12
Posted 6 Reviews
From: Usa

Used to be focused on Eastern European food. Was expensive, but definitely had some unique flavors including a great Chicken dish.

I went back, had the same chicken dish under new management, and the dish was titled the same, but used different ingredients and was not tasty.

The perogis are great. Highly recommended. Can't go back because I only went for the chicken.

Now the menu is just regular, hamburgers, salads, etc. Not super Eastern European and not cheap.

Has a nice terrace.
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Jun 5th, 2013


Joined Mar/11
Posted 5 Reviews
From: USA

My friend and I both ordered the 2-course brunch deal for 135RMB each. Decent deal and the brunch selection is pretty great, a huge range of sweet to savory. We loved the smoked salmon crepe, the little deep fried capers were a nice touch that I hadn't seen before, and I usually don't like capers. We also got the bacon-blue cheese pierogis, which sounded better than they actually tasted... they were fine, but a bit bland and just, lacking.

My big disappointed came when I ordered the Latke platter. Every good yiddish grandma can agree that a latke is in fact a potato pancake, in fact latkes is LITERALLY DEFINED AS potato pancake. Flat, deep fried, shredded potatoes in pancake form. I heard someone at another table disappointedly say "oh... tater tots..." when their plate arrived, without knowing what they had ordered. Then my plate arrived and it was more like "WTF TATER TOTS?!" I also suspect they were frozen, as they tasted the exact same as the kind I had in elementary school, but I've also never known anyone to make tater tots from scratch (because that would be ridiculous) so I can't tell the difference.

I was so pissed off that it made me even more pissed off that my friend's Reuben sandwich was really good. So, 3 stars for food. For G-d's sake don't order the latkes.

Other petty notes: I ordered a coffee that never came (though they took it off the bill before I could point it out) and I really did not enjoy the management style. The waiters were all warm and attentive, but the manager kept barking orders to them about stuff in front of all the patrons in the middle of the restaurant.
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Mar 16th, 2013


Joined Jan/08
Posted 1 Reviews
From: American

I ordered the Southern pork ribs, and my companion had the blue cheese pierogis (sp?). Kinda disappointed that the other pierogis were taken off the menu, I thought it was unique and distinguishing that they had a whole menu section dedicated to this one dish. Nevertheless, our food was still great and the ribs were larger than I expected.

My companion also ordered an espresso martini, which she didn't like at first because the espresso was too strong. Sending an order back is not something I do often, but when I do I consider it a good test of the restaurant's service. No restaurant is perfect, it's how they deal with problems that separates the good from the bad. Anyway, we told the manager, he checked it and agreed with my date's assessment, and happily agreed to make it again, and it was much better the 2nd time around. Thanks for a great night, guys!

P.S.- Teacher's Night on Wednesday is a much-appreciated bargain.
Value for Money
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With Friends

Feb 28th, 2013


Joined Feb/11
Posted 10 Reviews
From: american

I went on a double date to Bloc last night to try out the new menu. First, we ordered happy hour drinks. When we realized that we ordered a drink that wasn't part of happyhour they kindly informed us they'd let it slide since we'd already been served. Needless to say the service was great the whole night, like Servers-who-work-for-tips good. The menu was a good size, not too big but enough options for everyone to make sure they ordered a different dish. At our table we had the rosemary rack of lamb (on the small side and chewy but good), the pork ribs (huge and tender), the filet mignon, and the grilled salmon with risotto, which was the envy of all of the other diners. It was a generous portion of grilled salmon laid over a bed of creamy risotto and a side of veggies. The atmosphere was really welcoming and casual. We weren't ever ignored despite the fact that the restaurant was full.

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