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The Mansion

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186 0177 3399


Dynasty Villa - B18,
851 Hongjing Lu,
near Yan'an Xi Lu


Hongqiao 虹桥


Shanghai Zoo, 15 mins. walk


Daily, 2pm-2am


Local cards accepted


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Editor's Description
Last updated: June 11, 2014

The Mansion is a venue/hub for musicians, artists and creative people. It has a large basement that at night transforms into a nightclub hosting local DJs playing everything from deep house to hip hop. The venue also serves as a platform for up and coming artists, collaborations with local creative crews, event companies and international artists. The Mansion also has a backyard with a pool and a beach. Their goal is to find passionate people and give them the chance to showcase their skills and talents. They also run a DJ school.

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Nightlife, Bars, Clubs, Dance Floor

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The Mansion party house does a battle between five DJs in Shanghai and five in Nantong. Loser dies and gets their organs harvested. Jokes! Not sure if it's really a battle, more just crews from different cities playing trap, hip hop, house, and techno. Starts at 10pm and goes until 8am. 100rmb cover includes five drinks.
On Sat 31 at The Mansion

The V For Vendetta-esque techno party returns to this party villa in Hongqiao. Everybody dons Guy Fawkes masks and revels in their anonymity. Trippy beats from DJs who refuse to reveal their identities, but play mostly techno and house. Cover is 100rmb, including five drinks. Starts at 10pm and goes obscenely late.
On Fri 06 at The Mansion



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