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The Mansion
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    • ADDRESS:
      Dynasty Villa - B18,
      851 Hongjing Lu,
      near Yan'an Xi Lu
      虹井路851号B18栋, 近延安西路
    • PHONE:
      186 0177 3399
    • AREA:
    • METRO:
      15 mins walk from Shanghai Zoo
    • HOURS:
      Daily, 2pm-2am
    • CARDS:
      Local cards accepted
    • WEB:
    • Editor's Description
      The Mansion is a venue/hub for musicians, artists and other young "creatives." On weekend nights, their basement transforms into a nightclub hosting local DJs playing everything from techno and deep house to hip hop. The venue also serves as a platform for up and coming artists, collaborations with local creative crews, event companies and international artists. The Mansion also has a backyard with a pool and a beach. It's a popular place (especially with a younger, foreign crowd) that's only open as a club on Fridays and Saturdays. Important: After 10pm, the entrance to the Mansion is ON Yan'an Lu, after Hongjing Lu. Stay far to the right and you'll see a little "secret" door. There might even be some other taxis and street food vendors there. Place goes very late (like, 8am) so it's often an after-hours end up.
    • Synesthesia

      "Brah, have you even BEEN to Goa?" Psy-trance invasion at The Mansion dive castle for crunk kids. Music and installations by Dark-Moon Tempo. From the moon's pulse, we've received its mysterious wave, which we name it...
      Nightlife | The Mansion | on Fri Feb 19 2016 |


    • 2016-02-07 Finished

      Chinese New Year Party

      Mansion doesn't usually open on Sundays, but this is CNY, so they've got fifteen DJs in for a 12-hour party. There's also dumpling making, a countdown, and 300 free Mansion hats if you wanna represent. DJs are all on...
      Nightlife | The Mansion | on Sun Feb 7 2016 |
    • 2016-02-06 Finished

      Mansion Calling

      No Paul Kalbrenner, but Mansion has some Shanghai peeps playing house and techno all night long at their Hongqiao dive castle. Music by Rainbow High, Tallywhacker, Nico, Tommy Hendricks, and Thomas Futoso. Goes...
      Nightlife | The Mansion | on Sat Feb 6 2016 |
    • 2016-01-30 Finished

      Eat My Beatz

      Dinner is served at the Kwazy Kastle with Gordon David and Lei Hong serving live techno beats, along with a bunch of Mansion regulars support. 100rmb cover, includes five drinks.
      Nightlife | The Mansion | on Sat Jan 30 2016 |
    • 2016-01-29 Finished

      Factory Dream

      Welp, an Andy Warhol's Factory themed club didn't work out (RIP Factory 54), but perhaps a party will. Mansion has one this Friday, with Siesta, Radio Revolution, and Siulia Perinello playing house, drum and bass, and...
      Nightlife | The Mansion | on Fri Jan 29 2016 |
    • 2016-01-23 Finished


      Techno party that goes late and the DJs have no names. "Enter a world where your looks, age, connections, and social status don't matter, because they don't exist. There is only the music and the dance floor. Only the...
      Nightlife | The Mansion | on Sat Jan 23 2016 |
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