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Victoria House: A British Summer Camp for Kids to Get Back to Nature

Victoria House offers kids a traditional summer camp experience in the Jiangxi countryside…
2023-06-02 11:00:00

In Partnership with Victoria House

Shanghai is a great place, but children do get sucked into the influence of TV screens, traffic jams, and endless concrete; sterile little international school bubbles where kids become accustomed to ayis picking things up for them,in a blur of taxis, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Enter Victoria House, a five-day, four-nights summer camp starting on July 12 that gets kids back to nature for a traditional outdoor summer camp experience. From the people behind Wuyuan Skywells in the same area— an idyllic courtyard hotel retreat that we featured right here — comes a traditional summer camp out in the woods for kids.

From the organizers:

"We believe in muddy knees, bug hunts, running barefoot on the grass, and getting soaked head-to-foot in water. We are Ed and Selina, a British-Chinese couple, who own both Skywells and Victoria House here in the verdant Wuyuan countryside as an antidote to the stresses and pressures of modern Chinese urban life."

After three years of running rural escape summer camps, in 2023 they are launching their biggest and best yet. Over 5 days and 4 nights, accompanied 3-7-year-olds will enjoy stream hiking, bug hunts, 'mud day', making tie-dye clothes, proper camping in tents, releasing sky lanterns, and hiking in the woods.

"Victoria House is our home: an English country manor in the Jiangxi countryside (a three-hours direct train from Shanghai). Just like the English home counties where Ed grew up, Wuyuan is a lush forest county filled with old mansion homes. We have imported hardwood floors, Kohler bathrooms, and modern insulation you are unlikely to find in typical Chinese rural guesthouses. Food and Drink are Chinese – we have found our guests love the English lifestyle, but not so much the food!"

Details: The summer camps run from July 12 until August 20, geared for 3-7-year-olds. Prices begin at 7,200rmb (for one adult and one kid, room and breakfast included). More information on their website here.