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Get Back in the Kitchen This Summer: Team Building and Summer School at CieCAS

This is the summer you become and international chef superstar...
2023-07-18 12:00:00

Produced by SmartShanghai in Partnership with CieCAS

If you're looking for a fun summer activity or maybe for the exact foundational culinary tools for a career change to become a world-famous Michelin-starred, millionaire, jet-setting celebrity chef, hospitality training center CieCAS has a few great ways to bring you back into the kitchen this summer.

About CieCAS, a Professional but Approachable Culinary School in Shanghai

CieCAS (Center of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Culinary Arts and Services) offers multi-lingual professional courses, trade training, and master's classes in modern culinary concepts for students of all levels and backgrounds. The programs at CieCAS are based on a European dual education model in partnership with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. They offer custom classes for groups and families, ongoing Saturday classes, a summer school program for the whole family, and more.

Long story short: They're a super legit fancy culinary school that takes on students of all ages, skill levels, and situations, serving up knowledge on world cuisines in a fun but structured and professional environment.

Here's a few ways they can help you, your team, and/or your family get back in the kitchen.

Team Building Events at CieCAS

If you're looking for a way to keep your team motivated in long the summer months — perhaps literally lighting the proverbial fire under... y'know — check out CieCAS's Team Building Classes. Capable of running classes for up to 40 participants at once, Team Building activities at CieCAS are a fun activity you can do with your co-workers and colleagues, chopping, prepping, and boiling, fine cuisine in a real, professional, authentic kitchen environment. Under the guidance of professional instructors and culinary training experts, people are divided into groups to be responsible for different courses in a shared feast — appetizers, main dishes, vegetables, and even pairing cocktails.

The themed team building event "cooking and dining together" can be customized accordingly to the specific needs and preferences of each company. Cuisines available: French, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Swiss.

CieCAS Summer Cooking School for Kids and Families

CieCAS Cooking School is hosting a summer camp for children with classes available from Monday to Friday 9.30am to 3pm, in July and August. If you've got a budding master chef in the family, this is a great one to get involved with; you can get your kid into an authentic kitchen environment to expose them to the professional world of cooking and hospitality.

CieCAS is offering a wide selection of courses, with delicious food from different regions rotating the focus, including unique drinks based on the regional topic of the day. Check the different themes and menus every week on SmartTicket Page. Courses are available in weekly packages and as single one-off classes.