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A List: 18 Ways To Stay Sane in Rainy Shanghai

Sometimes it rains. Here's 19 ways to stay cool and dry when that happens, like spas, massages, indoor spots, bookstores, arcades, and more.
2016-05-27 10:15:24
According to state weather services, it's set to rain in Shanghai until 2019 or so. Forecast calls for people smoking you in the face with their umbrellas all day long, before you finally RAGE OUT on some poor old lady and throw her umbrella across the street, screaming at the sky in Dutch and broken Chinese. Here's 18 ideas of things to do in Shanghai when it's raining. Be cool, man, be cool. Stay psychologically sound. Keep it together. For the sake of the oblivious old ladies. They just can't see you up there.

Blame it on the rain...