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A List: 18 Ways To Stay Sane in Rainy Shanghai

Sometimes it rains. Here's 19 ways to stay cool and dry when that happens, like spas, massages, indoor spots, bookstores, arcades, and more.
May 27, 2016 | 10:15 Fri
According to state weather services, it's set to rain in Shanghai until 2019 or so. Forecast calls for people smoking you in the face with their umbrellas all day long, before you finally RAGE OUT on some poor old lady and throw her umbrella across the street, screaming at the sky in Dutch and broken Chinese. Here's 18 ideas of things to do in Shanghai when it's raining. Be cool, man, be cool. Stay psychologically sound. Keep it together. For the sake of the oblivious old ladies. They just can't see you up there.

Blame it on the rain...

1. Check Out Some Shanghai-Produced Culture: Labels, Mixes, Zines

Lots of talented Shanghai DJs and producers regularly update their Soundcloud pages with their music because they are also depressed, depressed, depressed people who tend to stay indoors and pet their cats. You know who you like, so just go search them out on SoundCloud and give them some love. On the other hand, local labels are great inroads to local music as well. Here's svbkvlt's bandcamp -- always fresh, provocative content on there. For more rocking tunes, the We Are Shanghai compilations have featured just about every band in this city for the past decade or so. For a larger China perspective, vinyl label Genjing Records in Beijing is a great resource for underground music in China's capital and beyond.

Tape labels: SmartShanghai freelance contributor Josh Feola put together this great resource of China-based tape labels for Electronic Beats. There's actually 10 of them. Or at least there was as of February 2016.

Last but not least, our music man, Sacco has a zine shop in his record dungeon on Pingwu Lu.

2. Get Out Of The City

Go hiking, see some nature, or finally take that vacation you've been dreaming about. You can go with a travel company or just do it on your own, following our Outbound guides for great trips outside and around Shanghai.

3. Warm-Bars

Drinking holes with fireplaces and warm-vibes. Super warm. Super chill.

4. Wander Around a Five Star Hotel

Here's a list of them right here. We've also got a list of 19 luxury hotels where you can just use the spas and pools for the day.

There's also the Eight Colors Love Motel...

5. The Jackie Chan Museum

Yeah, dude has a museum. Take a tour through the fractured psyche of a Kung Fu movie star. In his hall of autographs from famous Hollywood stars, he's got one from director Brett Ratner (Rush Hour, X-Men 3: Last Stand) that just says, "Fuck you, Jackie Chan."

It's delightful!

6. Hit Up A Bathhouse

Warm pools full of character and characters. Here's a mini-guide. To take your mind off the weather by spending hours and hours thinking about other people's pubes.

7. Massage

Just a few ideas, the man Lawrence at Citron Massage, next to Al's Diner, has magic hands. Also, big fans of the people at the Easy Blind Person Massage Parlor on Fahuazhen Lu.

Don't forget, there's people that will come to your office and massage you as well.

8. Indoor Sports

DJ, run that indoor sports list back one more time -- it's not dead yet.

And... Go-Karting sounds pretty safe.

Also, Cages has an all-you-can-bat deal on Mondays from 3pm-7pm. Learn more about that in our Deals Tested article, where we went to check it out.

9. Get Some Books, Get Some Knowledge

Why yes, we've got a list of fine bookstores and a list of places to find imported magazines.

[PAUSE. This is a list within a list. We're through the looking glass here, people.]

10. Art Exhibitions

Lots on right now in our Shanghai Art Calender.

11. Fondue

It's just bread and cheese, man. Pretty hard to fuck that up. Here's six places serving it.

12. Catch Up On Some Anime

You already know what time it is. Some recs: ‪AD Police‬, ‪Hanappe Bazooka‬.

13. Update Your Profile Pic at the 3D Images House

Yes, this offbeat spot is still alive and well, just across from People's Square. You pay like 100rmb and wander around this space with 40-or-so interactive backdrops. They've also got an Oculus Rift VR helmet set up with a roller coaster simulation. What a zany profile picture! Is what people will say when they see yours.

Check out our article for more info, though the backdrops have changed.

14. Finally Set Up Alipay

Yeah man, Alipay has English set-up now. The process only takes like 15 minutes these days.

15. Conversations On The Phone

Gloom begets gloom. Call up a friend you haven't spoken to in a while, or give Lifeline Shanghai a ring -- they'll hear you out if you're feeling down or if there's something troubling you.

16. Go To The Movies

Captain America: Civil War just came out and there's several more English-language films coming up. Check out our big list of cinemas to find a place to watch them.

17. Arcades

Shanghai has a bunch and they're almost all sketch balls good times. Here's a guide.

18. Just Go Out Anyway. Be You, Man. Be You.

So much on our event listings this weekend. Have a look.


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