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[The Collection]: 6 KTVs Worth Visiting

The pretty and affordable ones to get boozy with friends.
2019-08-12 12:00:00
Photos: Angela Leung
KTV. Karaoke. Group shaming. You know it, you love it, you need more of it. Well, hey, here are six that are great for a night out with friends, getting boozy and brave with the lyrics. We picked the affordable ones, because the expensive ones can sometimes involve some other sketchy stuff — you know what — and it’s hard to say for sure that they are both worth the high price and family/friend-friendly. Plus they just cost too much for what should be a reasonable night out.

Call them in advance if you have a group over 15 people, so that they can book you a big enough room. On Dianping there’s usually deals for smaller rooms, and you can reserve your time slot by paying in advance.