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Vaccination Available for Foreigners from March 29

Mar 23, 2021 | 13:00 Tue

The Shanghai municipal government announced via their WeChat account that foreigners will soon be able to register for vaccination, starting from March 29th, through the QR code below. Once registered, applicants will then receive an SMS with details on time and location and are then required to bring their passport and and valid residence permit to the dedicated vaccination site, where they will be requested to sign a waiver before getting the vaccine. The statement specifically mentions that a local Chinese vaccine will be used, but doesn't go into detail regarding which brand or possible side effects. The vaccine is free of charge for the small group of foreigners paying social security and 100rmb for anyone else.

This announcement comes just a few days after Chinese embassies abroad announced that travel restrictions will be eased for foreigners who have received the Chinese vaccine, indicating that a PU invitation letter won't be required anymore. While any news on lifting travel restrictions are welcomed, the Chinese vaccine is not yet widely available outside of China at the moment.

This is the QR code to register for the vaccination. The service isn't live yet, but an initial scan indicates, that this service will be in English!


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