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Magnolia Has a Summer Camp That Turns Kids Into Nature Guides

Hands-on learning for the little ones this summer!
Last updated: 2020-06-24

Here's something unexpected from a kindergarten situated literally in the middle of the biggest city in the world: A summer camp that turns students into nature guides. And even better, Magnolia is giving special discount savings of 300rmb for each week. Just mention you saw this on SmartShanghai to receive the refund before the start of each summer camp series! To register, scan the QR Codes on any of the flyers.

Magnolia Kindergarten, an oasis in a beautifully renovated 114-year-old villa in the heart of People's Square, has planned a summer of horseback riding, canoeing, expeditions, museums, and more to show kids how to navigate and appreciate our planet.

Each two-week session will explore a specific environmental topic, culminating in a tailor-made field trip that gives students the opportunity to experience first-hand, exactly what they've been learning about in the classroom.

If rainforest survival techniques, plant identification, and outdoor adventure sports sound like subjects your child is missing in their formal education (they are), check out Magnolia's Great Earth Summer Camp.

Instruction in English with Chinese and French language support. Details below.

2020 Magnolia Great Earth Journey Summer Camp is coming!

Over six weeks of summer camp, children will experience three exciting and educationally rich topics, lasting two weeks each:

The Fantastic Rainforest Adventure: July 6-July 17

This 2-week in-depth study of bio-diverse rainforests will introduce children to interesting plants and wildlife. Our adventures will also include learning rainforest survival techniques and plant identification, plus a field trip led by Green Steps Outdoor Education!

The Amazing Trip Around the World: July 20-July 31

Our second 2-week session will begin at the Milky Way Galaxy and zoom-in on different countries and communities around the Earth. This special topic will help children develop their understanding of what it means to be citizens of the world. Our field trip will take students to explore not only the intrigues of Chinese cultural heritage, but also their western counterparts in the Wild Wild West at Dark Horse Equestrian Stables!

The Wonderful Travel of the Seas: August 3-August 14

For the last 2 weeks of our summer program, children will learn how to become guardians of the oceans. Mermaids & Pirates, Sailors & Scientific Explorers... The magical life under the sea is in danger! Our children will make it their mission to protect the oceans and learn how to navigate rivers and streams by canoe with outdoor adventure sport experts at Changfeng Park!

More exciting field trips and activities to be announced later. Spaces are limited so sign up today with the QR code on the flyers!

For more information please visit us at:!