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2015 Shanghai Comic Con Preview

Shanghai gets it's first ever Comic Con this weekend, with movie stars, cos-play crews, and even DJ Spenny dropping some tunes. Here's a look at the highlights.
2015-05-13 11:00:23

Marvel Illustrator Adi Granov comes to Shanghai this Saturday

The first ever Shanghai Comic Con (SHCC) arrives this weekend. And despite Hobbit / Guardians of The Galaxy actor Lee Pace dropping out, SHCC hasn’t lost any momentum. From 9am–6pm this Saturday and Sunday, you've got several big name actors / actresses, comic artists, toymakers, and cosplayers coming through the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing (worst website EVER) to give lectures, do meet and greets, and probably slay some fangirls.

While Shanghai's Comic Con is not organized by the same people behind the holy grail that is the San Diego Comic Con, ReedPOP has organized some legit cons in New York, Paris, and Singapore, and they have upcoming ComicCon's in Hyderabad, Delhi, and Sydney later this year, amongst other events. This is their first attempt in China, so we shall see if they can pull this off legit. Looking good, though, and certainly better than this other comic-con. Pre–sale tickets for Saturday are sold out online, but passes are still available at the door (180rmb for Saturday, 150rmb for Sunday, and 288rmb for a 2-day pass).

Luke Evans coming through to make that autograph money

VIP tickets are all sold out, with some on Taobao going for 1800–3000rmb now, but VIPs get access to the Main Hall throughout the weekend where DJ Casio (???) is dropping short sets in between appearances by actors Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), Robin Lord Taylor (Gotham, The Walking Dead), and Luke Evans (The Hobbit, The Fast & The Furious). Autographs and pictures with these dudes will set you back around 800rmb on top of the door fee. More details on that below.

Regular tickets still get you access to all of this:


11am—12pm: Carl Macek’s Robotech Universe

The morning starts with a screening of Keith Maxwell’s short documentary, featuring interviews with the cast and crew of one of the first English-language anime adaptations.

11am—12pm: Iron Man’s Suit Maker & 12.15—1.15pm: David Finch’s Fantasy World

Illustrators Adi Granov and David Finch get their own individual panels. Might be a meet and greet? Maybe? Both Granov and Finch have also dabbled in concept design for comic-book film adaptations for Marvel and Vertigo, respectively.

12.15—1.30pm: How to Be a Professional Cosplayer

LeeAnna Vamp dropping knowledge on Saturday

A crash course in cosplay for those looking to step their game up from "who's that weirdo dressed like Naruto?" to "bet that weirdo has a super nice website". Expect a panel of US Comic Con cosplay mainstays like Linda Le, LeeAnna Vamp, Nicole Marie Jean, and Carlos Blanchard, who runs Rage Custom Creations.


1.30—2.30pm: Traditional Chinese Arts Alive in Digital Worlds

Digital Artist Zhang Wang gets an hour to discuss this topic. Not much info on this one. Sounds interesting though.

The Art of Toy Customization 2.45—3.45pm

Poster artist Frank Kozik will lecture about toys on Saturday

This one looks really good. Gothic toymaker Jesse Yu, aka J*RYU, and poster art lord Frank Kozik, who used to do flyers for Nirvana, Radiohead, and Butthole Surfers, and now makes toys with Kidrobot, will host a panel on toys.

Gothic toys by J*RYU

[All Day] Meet & Greets

Characters voiced by Yuusuke Shirai

All day, get your stalk on with DC Comics writer Gail Simone (Birds of Prey, Teen Titans, Batgirl, 5.15—6pm), illustrator Billy Tan (Uncanny X-men, Green Lantern, 3—4pm), and Japanese voice artist Yuusuke Shirai (Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!, 4.15—6.45pm) will be doing meet-and-greets throughout the day. Meet and greets are free, and sound more like Q&A panels.

And later on, Spencer Tarring is closing out the day by spinning tunes for the SHCC Cosplay party. That's right. Spenny. He just announced retirement as music director of M1NT, vowed celibacy, and is now spinning EDM at cosplay events. That is just one step away from this...


Sunday looks a bit slower than Saturday, but still some events worth checking out.

10am: Kidrobot Collection Preview

A sneak peek at Colorado-based toymaker Kidrobot’s upcoming 2015 collection. So, non-sexual toys for adults. Collectors items. Some can go up to 25,000 USD.

[All Day] Meet & Greets

Characters voiced by Ai Shimizu

Billy Tan is back (1–2 pm and again from 3.45–4.45pm). Ai Shimizu, another Japanese voice artist, takes her turn as well (2–3.30pm and again from 3.30–4.30pm). And for the morbidly curious, the translators behind the Chinese-language adaptation of Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell are also on the list (9.30—10.30am).

MEET THE TRANSLATORS. Inquire about linguistic subtleties and nuances. Make quips.

10.45—11.45am: Uratz Studios

Shanghai's number one producer of high-end Predator suits, Iron Man masks, and other gear for rich nerds Uratz Studios is hosting a “super cosplay” event, and anyone who doesn’t (or does) remember Mike Loh’s last appearance on the site should check it out.

Both Days

All weekend, you can catch a collectibles auction by Very Museum, who makes high-end replicas of dinosaur skeletons and…Street Fighter characters, at the exhibitor area. Also, something called the Artist Alley. Not clear on what's happening there.

Works by Capcom Very Museum


Robin Lord-Taylor

You can also take a photo with the stars or get their autograph, for an exorbitant charge. Heard these guys will be milling about all day so maybe you can catch them off guard. Here's the schedule.

Luke Evans Photos: Saturday from 1.30–2.45pm and Sunday from 12.45-1.45pm. Price is 800rmb, and limited to 350 on Saturday and 300 on Sunday.

Luke Evans Autographs: Saturday from 2.45–4.30pm and Sunday from 10.15–10.45am. Price is 800rmb, and limited to 400 on Saturday and 100 on Sunday.

Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen Photos: Saturday from 4–6pm and Sunday from 10am–noon. Price is 700rmb and limited to 600 each day.

Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen Autographs: Saturday from 11.30am–2.30pm and Sunday from 2pm–5pm. Price is 700rmb and limited to 400 each day.

Robin Lord Taylor Photos: Saturday from 10am–noon and Sunday from 3–5pm. Price is 400rmb and limited to 600 each day.

Robin Lord Taylor Autographs: Saturday from 3–6pm and Sunday from 11am–2pm. Price is 300rmb and limited to 400 each day.


1) No pictures or videos in the autograph / picture areas. Pictures get taken by official photographers, and printed out and sent to you as a JPEG.

2) They only take cash or Alipay.

3) Stars will only accept signatures on specific, official items. So, probably aren't going to sign that bootleg action figure you bought on Wenmiao Lu.

There's more rules, but these are the main ones. Also, these stars will be there all day, maybe you can catch them on break or something.

"Oh hi, are you Luke Evans? I'm a big fan..."

Doors officially open at 9am, but expect more rabid fangirls than even China Joy can offer. It could take you a while to get in.


Shanghai Comic Con goes down this Saturday and Sunday from 9am–6pm at the Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing. That's at 2739 Guangfu Xi Lu, near Zhongjiang Lu. The closest metro station is Line 2, Weining Lu, or Line 13, Daduhe Lu.