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Need a Lawyer? Here's A Bilingual Team that Specializes in Helping Expats

Thomas Jiabin & Associates specialize in international case work under the umbrella of one of China's largest law firms, Duan & Duan.
2023-10-30 12:00:00

In Partnership with Shanghai Duan and Duan Law Firm

Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence in Law: Duan & Duan and its Stellar Team with Thomas Jiabin & Associates.

Thomas Jiabin & Associates are a law partners that specialize in international case work; i.e. issues surrounding foreigners and the unique legal frameworks that encompass us. His team are fully bilingual, and are an umbrella team operating under one of China's largest global law firms, Duan & Duan, which is marking it's 30th anniversary this year. Whether it's a housing contract dispute, or a major labor issue with a huge multi-national firm, Thomas Jiabin & Associates have expertise to help, and a near fathomless resource to pull from within the Duan & Duan network.

Central to our ethos is a steadfast commitment to exceptional performance and the highest standards of legal ethics, attributes that have made us a revered and sought-after law firm in China, espescially among foreigners in Shanghai.

Bridging Cultures: Duan & Duan's Commitment to Shanghai's International Community

Shanghai's vibrant international community is an essential part of the city's dynamic cultural fabric. Recognizing the unique challenges and requirements of foreign residents, Thomas Jiabin & Associates has always been at the forefront, offering bespoke legal services tailored to this diverse group.

Why Thomas Jiabin & Associates and Duan & Duan Stand Out for the International Community:

  • Multilingual Expertise:Our team boasts proficiency in multiple languages, ensuring smooth communication and understanding of intricate legal matters without the barriers of language.
  • Global Network: Over the years, we've built a vast network of international legal partners. This allows us to provide clients with a global perspective, connecting them to legal experts from their home countries when needed. Our international presence and affiliations allow us to cater to clients from different jurisdictions and understand the nuances of cross-border legal issues.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: We understand the cultural nuances that come into play, especially in legal situations. Our team is trained to be culturally sensitive, ensuring that our clients feel understood and respected at every step.
  • Workshops & Seminars: Duan & Duan often conducts seminars tailored for the foreign resident community, focusing on common legal challenges they might face in China. From understanding real estate laws to setting up businesses, our workshops provide practical insights and guidance.
  • Pro Bono Initiatives:Our commitment to the community doesn't end at paid services. Duan & Duan has initiated several pro bono activities, especially aimed at assisting foreigners who might find themselves in challenging situations without the necessary support.
  • Customized Legal Packages: Recognizing the diverse backgrounds of Shanghai's international community, we offer customized legal service packages. Whether you're an expatriate executive, a student, or an entrepreneur, our services are molded to fit your precise requirements.

Shanghai's cosmopolitan nature demands a legal service that's equally global in its approach. At Thomas Jiabin and Associates, we pride ourselves on being that bridge of trust and expertise for the city's international residents.

Meet The Key Personnel of Thomas Jiabin & Associates under Duan & Duan:

Jiabin Yan

A partner at Duan & Duan, Mr. Yan is an alumnus of East China University of Political Science and Law (ECUPL) where he earned both his bachelor's and master's degrees. His area of expertise lies in civil and commercial litigation and criminal defense. With a strong academic foundation and a wealth of practical experience, Mr. Yan stands out as a beacon of reliable dispute resolution. His portfolio includes over a hundred litigation and arbitration cases.

Dr. Ran Lu:

Dr. Lu, with his Ph.D. in Law from the University of Manchester, brings a rich tapestry of experience, having served as legal counsel for global corporations, an interpreter for the Chinese State Council, and a participant in symposiums for Initium Media. He currently imparts his knowledge as a law professor at Soochow University.

Our team, a blend of seasoned legal mavens, is adept at navigating the intricate corridors of international law and cross-border transactions. We stand ready to guide you through the maze of the legal world, ensuring your business and personal goals are met with precision.

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Diverse Legal Services Tailored for You:

1. Employment Issues: As global dynamics evolve, foreigners working in China must familiarize themselves with local employment regulations. We streamline this process, helping you understand and adhere to employment contracts, permits, and passes.

2. Rental Lease Issues: Renting property in China can be a nuanced affair. We demystify lease agreements, eviction procedures, and offer litigation support for any potential disputes.

3. Criminal Defense:Safeguard your rights and interests with our specialized criminal defense services tailored for foreigners in China.

4. International Business Law:Navigate the global business terrain with our expert counsel on transactions, mergers, acquisitions, and corporate frameworks.

5. Family and Personal Law:Our support extends to personal spheres, be it family law matters, estate planning, or drafting wills.

6. Civil Disputes:From marriage to financial disagreements, we are poised to assist foreign individuals in civil disputes, offering consultation, negotiation, and representation.

7. Legal Consultation:Seek clarity on your legal conundrums through in-person meetings or telephonic discussions with our experts.

To know more about how we can assist you or to hear firsthand experiences from members of the foreign resident community we've served, please reach out. We're more than just a law firm; we're your legal partner in Shanghai.

You can reach out directly to Thomas Jiabin via email:

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