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9 Places Where You Can Throw a Great Business Event

From product launches to conferences to awkward PowerPoint presentations.
Nov 23, 2020 | 12:00 Mon
Photos: Angela Leung
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Unfortunately, you can't hold every event in your office. Maybe it's too small. Maybe you don't want prospective customers, investors or partners to realize that your maverick fintech consultancy is two people on a couch with pizza boxes instead of cushions.

Whether you're a young business hoping to conduct a brand release for a new product, or maybe the local office of an MNC needing to conduct a marketing meeting, you might need an event space. We reached out and found nine venues that can host your next event in Shanghai.

FUNWORK (Want Want Plaza)

3/F, 211 Shimen Yi Lu, near Weihai Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
FUNWORK (Want Want Plaza)

FUNWORK is another modern, good-looking co-working space spread over three floors at Want Want Plaza, near Taikoo Hui. Its medium-sized common area is good for an event of up to 70 people and has microphones, speakers, and projectors. They don't offer catering.

Prices: 1,000rmb per hour.

Contact: Their sales department at 133 1000 9648.


2/F, Bldg 1, Global Metropolitan Plaza, 58 Yaoyuan Lu, near Yaolong Lu View Listing Taxi Printout

Cohesion is a co-working office space in Pudong, next to the river. The 80sqm event space includes a screen projector and an audio system. This one can host up to 50 people, so best used for smaller business gatherings. Cohesion doesn’t offer any catering options, but they can help clients organize their own.

Prices: Usually 780rmb per hour, but 500rmb an hour until January 2021.

Contact: The manager at 138 1856 1271.


1/F, Bldg 4, Xinqiao Creative Industrial Park, 731 Hongxu Lu, near Huaguan Lu View Listing Taxi Printout

Hongqiao's T-House is an entire art space available for rent. They've hosted product conferences, media meetings, and a fashion show in the past. It's 400sqm in size and includes a VIP room and coffee bar.

The second-floor area can be used for product screenings and can host up to 150 people at once. When it's not set up for an event, it's decorated with art pieces and sculptures.

Prices: 20,000rmb per day.

Contact: Mr. Cheng at 134 0210 3157.

WeWork (Landmark Center)

328 Tiantong Lu, near Zhapu Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
WeWork (Landmark Center)

This WeWork location has a 300sqm common area, good for big events like commercial shoots, weddings, and fashion shows; they've even done a bar mitzvah. If it's set up as a theater, the common area can seat 120 people or up to 300 in cocktail mode. There's a second common area upstairs for 200 people standing. Also, there is a ping pong room.

Finally, the 133sqm conference room can be split into three sections, parted by dividing walls. Each separated room is equipped with their its own AV systems (speakers, microphones, projectors).

Prices: Common areas are 3,000rmb per hour. The conference room is 2,500rmb per hour, 8,000rmb for a half-day, and 15,000rmb for a whole day.

Contact: Email for details and requirements.

WeWork (China Overseas)

Tower B, 838 Huangpi Nan Lu, near Jianguo Dong Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
WeWork (China Overseas)

WeWork has close to 100 offices all over China but this location has a Theater Room in addition to the usual common areas. The 138sqm room is good for up to 100 people and is recommended for presentations and lectures, with a large LED television, audio system, lighting and rows of comfy, comfy couch seating. For slightly smaller events, the 120sqm Classroom holds 40 people and has largescreen TVs, a projector, wireless microphones, and a whiteboard. WeWork can connect you with their catering vendors, or you can organize it yourself.

Prices: WeWork offers hourly, half-day, or whole day rates for rent. The Theater Room is 4,000rmb per hour, 12,000rmb per half-day, and 20,000rmb per whole day. The Classroom is 2,500rmb per hour, 8,000rmb per half-day, and 15,000rmb per whole day.

Contact: Email for details and requirements.


611 Liyang Lu, near Haining Lu View Listing Taxi Printout

1933 is Shanghai's remarkable, historical Art Deco slaughterhouse turned creative hub. They have five spaces available for rent here in all different sizes.

The massive Sky Theater and Basilica Suite are 1,000sqm each. They've hosted entire festivals, and been turned into whole-building pop-ups for brands like L'Oreal. The Ballroom is 600sqm and Pilota Café and Sky Garden are 160sqm each. Catering is available, as is a full A/V system.

Prices: The big venues are rented on a daily basis but the others can be made available for half-days. The Sky Theater is 200,000rmb (eep!) per day, the Basilica Suite is 100,000rmb per day, and the Ballroom is 50,000rmb per day. The Pilota Café and Sky Garden are each 10,000rmb per day or 5,000rmb per half day.

Contact: 1933's sales department at 135 0170 9372.

Anken Australia House

80 Pingwu Lu, near Xingfu Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
Anken Australia House

ANKEN partnered with AustCham Shanghai to open the Australia House in December 2019. It has three event spaces popular with organizers, so book as far ahead as possible.

Their 100sqm courtyard lobby area has large LED displays. It's only available outside working hours, but events must finish before 9.30pm to avoid annoying the neighbors.

The 150sqm rooftop has space for up to 100 people, with a gas barbecue that clients can use in true Aussie fashion. Events here must also finish before 9.30pm, but it's available all day.

They also have a small 57sqm seminar room that can be set up as a boardroom for about 15 people, or reorganized into a tighter setup for up to 50 people. It's also available all day.

All spaces have projectors and A/V audio systems with surround sound speakers and wireless microphones. The space doesn't offer catering.

Prices: All spaces are 1,000rmb per hour with a 5,000rmb deposit.

Contact: or senior leasing manager Tiffany Zhu at

Anken Air

No. 181, Lane 465 Zhenning Lu, near Xinzha Lu View Listing Taxi Printout
Anken Air

This venue has two adjacent rooftop spaces; the first is 200sqm, with a garden full of herbs and veggies. Good for team building and smaller celebrations. The second rooftop is 485sqm, with a 100sqm amphitheater and a 15sqm kitchen. In winter, they set up a big igloo. Full A/V facilities including movable screens and speakers are available.

Events need to end by 9.30pm and must be approved by the neighborhood authorities. They can help organize catering.

Prices: The smaller rooftop is 1,000rmb per hour (3,000rmb deposit). The larger one is 1,500rmb per hour (also 3,000rmb deposit).

Contact: or senior leasing manager Tiffany Zhu at


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