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[Communities] Active Sports Active Social

Dropping some knowledge on ASAS. Everything you need to know about when, where and with whom to play team sports in Shanghai.
Last updated: 2015-11-09

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In A Nutshell...

ASAS, Active Sports Active Social, is Shanghai's largest co-ed sports league organization. If you want to play sports but don't know anyone, they will sort you out. You and a bunch of friends can register a team, too. Each season has 10–12 games. It's a fine way to get in shape and meet some new people. Sports include basketball, football, dodgeball, skiing, running, and more. They also plan corporate and social events.


Two Shanghainese guys and two Indonesian dudes started ASAS back in 2003 with an eight-team basketball league. Now they have over 3,000 active members playing on 50 basketball teams, 40 football teams, 15 dodgeball teams, and more. Sometimes they host weekend events like go-karting outings, mini marathons, and beach soccer.

Who's Playing...

Players are mostly between 20–40 years old. Basketball and football have recreational leagues and competitive leagues. In our experience, the competitive basketball leagues have some seriously good players – people who played varsity high school ball and possibly college ball. Expats make up 60%, 90% and 95% of basketball, football, and dodgeball teams, respectively. They have refs, and it's pretty professional. Apparently dodgeball hasn't caught on with the locals too well yet.

When/Where They Play...

There is no ASAS clubhouse or anything, so they have games at places like Jiao Tong University, Jiang Wan Sports Center, Yi Chuan High School, and more. Dodgeball sometimes happens on basketball courts like the park near Dada Bar or at Cages Bar in Jing'an. Basketball and football is always on weekend mornings/afternoons whereas dodgeball games are usually on Thursday nights.

Other Activities, Besides The Leagues...

ASAS usually hosts season kick-off and ending parties at bars around town. Good for meeting other healthy people. The next one is a beach soccer festival and an afterparty coming up on Saturday, August 23 is on the Bund Beach. Check out their upcoming events right here.


Registration costs vary by sport. Dodgeball is 2500rmb per team, basketball is 6000rmb per team (including jerseys), and 7-a-side football is 7000rmb per team (including jerseys). You can sign up as a free agent or with a group of people by emailing Sounds expensive, but with ten people on a basketball team, you're looking at 600rmb per person for 10–12 games with referees, plus a sweet jersey to remember your "China days." Not a bad deal at all. You can also get a 500rmb discount if your team pays all the money upfront.

The registration deadline for the fall season is Friday, August 8 and the season kicks off on Saturday August 30. You might still be able to get on a team if you register late, but it's better to register early.

Contact Info

The website is You can register at For other enquiries, email or call them at 5212-7522.