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SCAA - Second Chance Animal Aid

Mar 1, 2007 | 12:33 Thu

You wouldn't abandon your wife if you were presented with a new job opportunity in another country, right? You certainly wouldn't forget to take your children to the doctor for vaccinations. Pets are essentially members of the family, but the sad fact is that too many pet owners here in Shanghai and many other cities in China do not view their pets that way. As a result, countless animals are abandoned because they didn't meet their owners' expectations of the "the perfect pet".

Carol Wolfson started Second Chance Animal Aid in March 2005 "as a reaction to the fact that there were absolutely no international or professional local animal rescue/welfare organizations in Shanghai." SCAA's dual mission is "to rescue, heal, foster and adopt out animals in need and reduce the incidence of abandonment and homeless through education."

Carol stresses that "SCAA is NOT a shelter, nor will we pick up animals but we will work with people who find abandoned animals to get them medical care, foster homes and adoptive homes. We always need more foster parents so this is very important, and of course we need sponsors and people to donate so that we can continue and expand our animal medical care. The more money, the more rescues we can carry out."