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SmSh x SCAA: Adopt These Animals!

Seven little guys and girls that need some love.
2020-04-15 10:27:38
Photos: Brandon McGhee
SmartShanghai loves animals. We have a whole section on our site for people to adopt animals (no sales, ever). Second Chance Animal Aid loves animals. They have been rescuing, fostering and helping animals in Shanghai get adopted since 2005. Their former fosters now live on every continent except Antarctica. They rely solely on donations.

So SmartShanghai photographers Brandon McGhee and Angela Leung donated their services to SCAA last week, shooting portraits of seven animals currently being looked after by the association, themselves looking for a new, loving home.

If you'd like more information about any of these animals, contact them through this page or see these animals in the SmartShanghai Pets section of the website.

Like all SCAA fosters, the dogs and cats receive vet care basics like parasite control, vaccinations, and spay-neuter, as well as treatment for any injuries or illness, at SCAA's vet partner Shanghai PAW.

Fa Fa, five years old, boy

Fa Fa was found at a bus stop close to Zhaojiabang Lu in November 2019. He went missing during December, but after weeks of searching he was found again at a park. Fa Fa likes company a lot, and prefers human companionship to other pets. He enjoys his walks and is playful, but mostly favors relaxing around people. Fa Fa is one dog who will never be up in the morning before his people are.

See Fa Fa's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Wang Wang, one year old, boy

Wang Wang is strong, muscular, outgoing and friendly around strangers. He was cared for in a fruit shop after he was found nearby as a puppy, but placed with SCAA to find adopters when shop owners left Shanghai. They worried Wang Wang wouldn't be safe wandering their countryside home. He loves attention and plays with everyone.

See Wang Wang's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Xiao Hei (小黑), eight months old, boy

Xiao Hei was found in October after a car accident damaged his right foreleg, neck and tail. His deformed paw was later amputated as he was dragging it, causing wounds. He's now happy, healthy and unstoppable despite only having three legs. Xiao Hei loves people and other dogs and is very outgoing.

See Xiaohei's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Percy & Harry, BFF, ideally adopted together

Foster brothers with a strong bond, these boys play and nap together. They even take turns grooming each other. They're an ideal pet pair.

Percy, under a year old, boy

Percy was found soaking wet in a dark garden after a big rain, with his family nowhere in sight. Just a couple weeks old, he was hand raised by his foster mom. Strangers may initially make him nervous – but once he knows you, he sticks close. Percy is playful and relaxed at home and enjoys making discoveries around his house. When he's ready to settle down, he likes to curl up with someone and suckle on the pad of one of his feet.

See Percy's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Harry, one year old, boy

Harry was found in a residential complex last year on the edge of death during a hot summer day. After a lot of care, he is now strong and healthy. He takes some time to adjust to a strange environment, but having his buddy Percy helps a lot. Once he settles in, Harry is sweet and playful and enjoys sleeping by his foster mom's head while she's watching TV.

See Harry's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Carmen, two years old, girl

Carmen is calm and affectionate, and sadly the only survivor of four cats rescued from an unhealthy hoarding environment. An untreated eye infection damaged her right eye, making it cloudy and she occasionally tears, but it doesn't affect her sight. She's the most confident cat ever; friendly in new environments, and with new people and all animals. She loves to have people pet her.

See Carmen's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Scooter, three to four years old, boy

Scooter was born with deformed back legs and couldn’t run fast enough when crossing the street one day, and got hit by a scooter. He suffered major head trauma and barely survived his injuries. Multiple fractures damaged his nasal passages, and although Scooter is completely healed, he often snorts and has a runny nose. He’s a very affectionate cat and enjoys company. When he’s not seeking out human companionship, Scooter is usually with fellow fosters and likes grooming kittens.

See Scooter's listing on SmartShanghai here.


To see more pets and animals looking for a kind soul, visit our Pets & Animals section here. To make a donation to SCAA, visit their website here. Thanks to PAW Veterinary Clinic for providing the venue for the photography.