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Shanghai Revisited: The Above-the-Clouds Lifestyle Is Reborn at the New Flair


The city's highest rooftop bar looks to the future with new food, cocktails, and an extensive redesign

By SmSh
2023-03-06 12:00:00

  •  Introducing the New Flair

    Introducing the New Flair

    It's the dawn of a new era and a sunset on the bad times, can you feel it! 

    Just in time for 2023 -- AKA The Year Shanghai Gets Good Again -- one of this city's most lux and iconic Bund venues is now newly, grandly, resolutely reopen with a completely revamped food and drinks menu, a massive and elaborate interiors overhaul, and a new creative direction that sees them embracing the future of eating and drinking all the wonderful things high in the clouds in Lujiazui. 

    Introducing the new Flair: remembering the good memories and looking forward to making many, many more of them.  

  • Luxury in Bronze and Gold

    Luxury in Bronze and Gold

    So, they went all out on the renovations... it shows.

    The first large scale reno in 11 years of operations, Japanese firm STRICKLAND completed the massive project, which embodies themes of connecting old and new eras Shanghai. The overall aesthetic is chic cultural eclecticism, combining pan-Asian elements and materials that both check and tribute the past -- warm woods and classic pearl marble -- but make overtures to the modern -- minimalist geometric elements and metal lattice design. 

    The overall vibe of Flair is warm, approachable, intimate, and refined.

    They've got ambiance

  • A Rebirth from Memory

    A Rebirth from Memory

    It's been a tough few years for Bund nightlife. With the total lack of business and tourism travelers, many of the district's defining venues have had to shutter operations, in some cases after decades of service. Correctly reading the room and using the time to recharge for better times, Flair's renovations amount to a transformation not only of the surface elements but of creative direction as well.  

    An evening at the bar still recalls your good old memories of a night on The Bund, if you were lucky to be around back then to create some -- that feeling that you're a part of something completely new, fresh, and cutting edge -- the feeling that the future is full of possibilities. That's still there. With the complete modernization, however, from food and drinks to events programming to a younger, more fashion savvy target audience, it feels like it's in step with the next generation's standards in hospitality and leisure. 

    (What we're saying is that in 2023 as in 2013, Flair is still an amazing place to drink excellent cocktails up in the clouds and dream of world domination!)

  • Everything for Everyone

    Everything for Everyone

    Stunning as ever up on the 58th floor of the Ritz-Carlton, the new Flair has an additional 60 seats, up to 190 total. One of the key strengths of the layout is the diversity and versatility of it all. Despite its rather large size, it still feels warm, intimate, and approachable, offering semi-private daybeds, a more formal dining area, a standing bar, lounge areas and group seating, a private area for corporate events, and intimate tables for two. All at once, it’s great for dinner with family and out-of-town friends, impressing business contacts, super romantic dinners with the SO, solo drinks for cocktail connoisseurs looking for something exceptional, afternoon tea on the terrace, and dressed up weekend nights out with friends, drinks, and music.  

  • And That Patio...

    And That Patio...

    It's no secret that Flair's main claim to Shanghai fame is their patio, offering, as it does, one of the finest views of the city available. You're 258 meters up, right at the center of Lujiazui, enjoying the entirety of the Huangpu River, the classic Puxi-side colonial architecture, and the best view possible of the Oriental Pearl TV Tower. 

    With the renovations, the highest patio bar in the city is a lux and spacious two-tiered orientation, serving your social needs from everything to big blowout New Year's Eve parties to sundown drinks to afternoon tea.  

    (And yes... it must be said... the selfie profile picture potential... ***chef's kiss***)

  • ...But We're Here for the Cocktails

    ...But We're Here for the Cocktails

    The cocktails and the bar bites, actually.

    With their massive new food menu -- easily over 100 items available on a la carte ordering -- a proper fancy pan-Asian fusion meal is readily available.

    And is very much a great idea. 

    But we prefer the more efficient (cost-effective!) approach: several cocktails and bar bites, enjoying the ambiance, getting buzzed, and taking it all in. SmSh has the opportunity to do some quality grazing on these two menus and are coming away with several recommendations for drinks and bar bites, great for a casual night out on the town, a pretty fantastic date night, or even as a prelude to something clubbier later on in the evening. 

  • From the Chef's Table: Chef Simone Yapp

    From the Chef's Table: Chef Simone Yapp

    From Kuala Lumpur to Dubai and now to Shanghai, Chef Simone Yapp brings his over 20 years of experience and unique ideas on food to Flair. Chef Simone has served in many luxury hotels in Asia, creating a unique new experience of Asian cuisine for diners by virtue of his excellent cooking talent, rich experience and infinite enthusiasm for food.

    Simone Yapp: "I want my guests to be able to taste different authentic Asian flavors just by coming to my restaurant -- no need to go outside of China or even Shanghai."


  • On the Menu: Assorted Tidbits

    On the Menu: Assorted Tidbits

    Assorted Tidbits with popcorn shrimp, chicken satay, Thai seafood lollipop, grilled pork neck - 258rmb

    Here's your best and easiest crash course on Flair's menu all in one sampling platter. With influences from Malaysian, Indonesian, and Thai cuisine comes their "Assorted Tidbits" platter, which is elevated meat and seafoods, served sharing tapas style, and great for smaller groups looking to try a bunch of different flavors and sensations all at once. 

  • On the Menu: California Rolls

    On the Menu: California Rolls

    California Rolls with eel, crab meat, tamagoyaki, avocado, tobiko - 168rmb

    Classic Cali rolls done up with luxury pyrotechnics and unique... well, flair. A hugely satisfying foray into Japanese cuisine, the house Cali rolls are a must-try standout from Flair's extensive Sushi and Sashimi offerings. Bright, flavorsome, eminently sharable, and a great match for drinks.

    One of those "omg this is soooo goood" dishes.

  • On the Menu: Char Grilled Hariyali Chicken Tikka

    On the Menu: Char Grilled Hariyali Chicken Tikka

    Char Grilled Hariyali Chicken Tikka with Indian spices, roti, spicy tomato sauce, and raita sauce - 168rmb

    A gorgeous and creamy chicken dish from India served with chapathis. Again, sharable bar food that really puts the pleasure back into filling up on something whilst undertaking a little cocktail tourism.

  •  A New Hotspot on The Bund

    A New Hotspot on The Bund

    Shedding their image as a maybe more mature / tourist-y sort of option, the new Flair has also reworked their events programming to appeal to a younger, fashion-conscious, exclusive crowd.

    People who actually live here and who go out go to Flair, is what we're saying. 

    Well-known, of course, is the seasonal terrace opening party -- this year looking to come in April -- which is one of the biggest yearly parties on the Bund and always fills out. Other seasonal favorite include the New Year's Party and a few other yearly milestone, but in addition to these, the bar has also reworking their creative direction musically, with a live guest Dj keeping things chill and funky in the clouds from Wednesday to Sunday. 

    So yeah, great option to fit into your rotation for drinks on a night on the town. 

    And about those... 

  • Your Man at Flair: Ming Liao

    Your Man at Flair: Ming Liao

    Flair Manager Ming Liao, an award-winning bar manager from Taiwan, China, brings his extensive experience in successfully running several bars to deliver incomparable bar journey for FLAIR guests.

    Ming Liao: "At Flair we aim to engage all five of your senses to create an authentic gastronomic experience, where we bring theatre to the table.

    Drinks at Flair are forward thinking, bringing experiential beverage journeys, highlighted through our innovative cocktails and craftsmanship."

  • For Drinks: Tiki Negroni

    For Drinks: Tiki Negroni

    Tiki Negroni - Tanqueray No. 10, Campari, Mancino Secco, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, Tropical Fruit, Milk - 148rmb

    From the Sense of Living section on the drinks list, here's the Tiki Negroni, a smoother, sweeter, obviously tropical interpretation of a Negroni. Approachable, fresh, and offering the kick and bitterness of a Negroni with a tropical flavor. 

    Rounded out with seasonal garnish.

  • For Drinks: Tomato Vermouth

    For Drinks: Tomato Vermouth

    Tomato Vermouth - Mancino Ambrato, Tomato Water, Citrus - 138rmb

    A simple and original combo here, and a great pairing with a deeper dive into the tapas offerings. This one's almost like an aperitivo, whetting your appetite and preparing you for the sustenance to come. Really refreshing. 

  • For Drinks: Tropic Dream

    For Drinks: Tropic Dream

    Tropic Dream - Rum Blend, Cinnamon, Grapefruit, Falernum, Grenadine - 158rmb 

    Another fresh and beach-y offering from the Sense of Wonder section on the menu. This one's a variation on a classic Zombie cocktail, with the edges smoothed off and the freshness maintained. 

  • And for the Gin Lovers

    And for the Gin Lovers

    If you’re looking for an advanced gin game, with their relaunch, Flair has also rolled own their own house brand of gin, inspired by, of course, that sweet sunset view of Shanghai. Sunset Gin combines flavors of kaffir leaves, calamansi, aged orange peel, green tea, and Angelica root — a pan-Asian confluence of inspiration and flavors matching their aesthetics on the food menu and the ethos as a whole. Available in all your favorite gin imbibing variations.

  • The Super Fancy Romantic VIP Package

    The Super Fancy Romantic VIP Package

    If you’re looking to splurge out on a luxury date night idea, tucked away at the back corner of the venue is the ultimate VIP experience with Flair’s day bed package offering. A private and intimate seating option, it’s yours for with two bottles of Ruinart Blanc de Blancs and a fruit platter for 3,580rmb — a really unique and romantic way to enjoy the view and pass the night away with that special someone.

  • Book Your Table Now!

    Book Your Table Now!

    FLAIR is open every Satuday and Sunday, 2pm to 4:30pm, and Monday to Sunday 5:30pm to 1am.

    For detailed information or bookings, please call (86 21) 2020 1717,or email:

    After your table is booked, the seat will be kept for 15 minutes. Only adults over 18 years old may enter to the bar after 5:30pm.