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SmSh x SCAA: Adopt These Animals! June 2020

A bunch of cuties ready to become part of your family.
Last updated: 2020-06-28
Photos: PawPaw Studio
SmartShanghai loves animals. We have a whole section on our site for people to adopt animals (no sales, ever). Second Chance Animal Aid loves animals. They have been rescuing, fostering and helping animals in Shanghai get adopted since 2005. Their former fosters now live on every continent except Antarctica. They rely solely on donations.

So we're back at it in June, doing our best to help a few animals out. This month, it's cats! cats! cats! We switched things up a little this month, partnering with Allen Lee, the photographer behind PawPaw Studio, to shoot the cats' portraits in his signature style. A big thanks to Lee and his team for donating their time to help out a few animals in need.

Like all foster animals, to be ready for adoption, all cats receive vet care basics, including parasite control, vaccinations, and spay-neuter, as well as treatment for any injuries or illness at SCAA's vet partner Shanghai PAW.

For adoption procedures, please visit this SCAA page and get in touch with them about foster animals looking for a forever family.


Georges & Oli

Rescued weeks apart last summer, these boys bonded so strongly in foster care that SCAA is keeping them together. Cuddly, playful, curious, and affectionate cats, Georges and Oli are family friendly. When they're not chasing each other in a blur around the house, they're napping together in a pile or cuddled up close to their fosters. Georges is the intrepid leader and balances out Oli's quieter nature. The boys are healthy (fully vaccinated) and neutered.

See Georges & Oli's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Maisie is under two years old. She grew up in a garden where residents made her a little hut and gave her food and water. But Maisie's luck outside ran out when her tail was ripped off, likely getting caught in the wheel of a scooter. When SCAA rescued Maisie, they also discovered she was ready to have her first (and last!) litter.

Maisie is a great family cat, but is ideally a single pet. After diligently raising her babies, she's moved on from other cats and craves human companionship. Maisie doesn't like dogs. She's chatty, friendly, and healthy. Her babies have grown up and she's spayed and vaccinated.

See Maisie's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Coco is a special cat. She's a long-term SCAA foster after being found as a small kitten by tourists in 2016. Coco was likely hit by scooter as she was laying paralyzed by the side of the road. Coco's determination to do as she pleases, along with helpful acupuncture treatments and physiotherapy, saw her re-gain some function in her back legs.

Coco loves sleeping in bed and often pulls herself up and tucks herself in. She has a fancy set of wheels, but doesn't like her wheelchair. Like many spinal injury animals, Coco needs her bladder expressed regularly to avoid infections.

Coco is high maintenance, but well-worth an experienced and patient owner's investment in her care. She gets along well with quiet cats and older dogs. She's vaccinated, spayed, had dental extractions to treat a gum infection, and needs ongoing acupuncture (with Dr Goltz) and tests to monitor for UTIs.

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Lexie is one of the most affectionate cats we've seen. She cleverly made herself at home by a security hut, where guards shared their meals with her until a resident rescued her. Lexie loves to play (a bit roughly sometimes), cuddle, and purrs like a motor if she even senses you'll reach out to pet her. She hates dogs and isn't thrilled about sharing with other cats.

An ideal single pet for cat lovers who want a close companion. Lexie will finish vaccinations early July and be ready to be spayed in late July or early August.

Lexie is also looking for a new foster home. If an adoption commitment isn't possible, check out SCAA's website to volunteer temporarily while SCAA searches for Lexie's forever family.

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When Arabella isn't screaming at her foster mom to hold her in a fleece blanket or snuggling up to a friendly foster cat, she's zooming around the house playing with toys. She's got a big personality that she's growing into while she's stuck at SCAA's vet partner PAW after developing a stubborn patch of contagious ringworm.

It will be several weeks before Arabella is ready for adoption as she's not yet vaccinated, but cat lovers ready for a playful and needy pet by late summer would be lucky to add this sweet girl to the family.

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