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SmSh x SCAA: These January Cuties Need a Home!

Adopt them! You must! Ideally this Sunday!
2021-01-15 12:00:00
SmartShanghai loves animals. We have a whole section on our site for people to adopt animals (no sales, ever). Second Chance Animal Aid loves animals. They have been rescuing, fostering and helping animals in Shanghai get adopted since 2005. Their former fosters now live on every continent except Antarctica. They rely solely on donations.

So we're back at it in the new year, 2021, doing our best to help a few animals out, with the help of Allen Lee, the photographer behind PawPaw Studio. A big thanks to Lee and his team for donating their time to help out a few animals in need.

Like all foster animals, to be ready for adoption, all cats receive vet care basics, including parasite control, vaccinations, and spay-neuter, as well as treatment for any injuries or illness at SCAA's vet partner Shanghai PAW.

For adoption procedures, please visit this SCAA page and get in touch with them about foster animals looking for a forever family.


It's no surprise when this lucky dog was rescued, but Halloween's rescue and recovery story still has some unexpected turns. His rescuer spotted him being nabbed by a dog catcher, and after asking to have the homeless dog to help him, thankfully the officer agreed.

A happy, curious, sweet, and well-mannered dog, things were looking up for Halloween when he soon fell ill with canine parvovirus (CPV). Intensive PAW vet care got him through this rough patch and he's now healthy. He's up to date with parasite control, vaccinations (DHPPI + Lepto + Rabies), and neutering.

An ideal dog for any home with enough time to meet his needs. Ready to offer a companion animal a lifetime of companionship? Visit for adoption information. Meet Halloween at Sunday's Adoption Day for foster animals under SCAA's care.

See Halloween's listing on SmartShanghai here.


Illy may look 'so small' to the casual observer, but to SCAA, she's now grown quiet big compared to her miniature stature when she was left in a box after being found in air conditioning ducts when she was less than 10 days old.

Other than being a tiring foster kitten with round-the-clock feedings, Illy has been the perfect kitten and picture of good health. She's as curious, fearless, playful, and cuddly as any hand-reared kitten. Illy has parasite control and started her vaccinations, so she's not quite ready to move to a forever home.

Animal lovers ready to offer Illy a permanent home can still enquire about her and meet her at Sunday's Adoption Day for foster animals under SCAA's care.

See Illy's listing on SmartShanghai here.

Poppy & Dagu

Siblings only by fostering, pretty Poppy and her loyal sidekick Dagu are looking for a forever home together. SCAA doesn't want to break a bond that has brought the kittens companionship, socializing, and confidence.

Dagu may be the slightly bigger of the pair, but he was rescued weeks before Poppy. Both kittens are orphans lucky to find caring rescuers who decided to act first and figure out what to do with animals that either their dogs (Dagu) or dormitory (Poppy) wouldn't allow!

The kittens are cuddle buddies with each other and with people. Adopting this growing pair of kittens now gives owners time to figure out how to accommodate the insistent duo squeezing onto one lap.

Both kittens have parasite control and vaccinations (Tri-Cat + Rabies). Interested in keeping them together forever? Visit for adoption information. Meet the fosters on Sunday at Adoption Day for animals under SCAA's care.

See Poppy & Dagu's listing on SmartShanghai here.


SCAA is hosting an Adoption Day this Sunday, January 17, from 1-3pm on the second floor of Shanghai Brewery.