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Super Bowl Sunday Monday AM

By Feb 3, 2010 Community

So this year it's the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts (betting odds here), and various sports bars around Shanghai are feedin' it. Here's where the game is. Most places are opening up at 6am (if they closed the night before on Sunday night) and kick off time is 7am.


Big Bamboo

Big Bamboo does a Super Bowl party every year -- they've even got a count down on their webpage -- and this year it's 100rmb for their breakfast buffet. They’re showing it at all three Big Bamboo location in Shanghai (click here for address listings), but with their 90 TVs, Big Bamboo on Nanyang Lu is a favorite of Shanghai sports fans. This Monday morning, count on a full house for the big game. They've also got the UFC fight at 11am on the Sunday before, so maybe just bring a tent and sleep on Nanyang Lu for a few days. UFC and Super Bowl -- let the carnage begin. It's 100rmb entry, by the way, which is a set price and beers extra.


Bubba's draws a fierce and loyal crowd every year, who usually stay up all night drinking, and then roll out to Hongqiao to drink some more for the game. They do a game time happy hour deal with 25rmb drafts, house pours, and Bloody Mary's. That's basically the cheapest drinks action for the Super Bowl deals, so if you see yourself pounding back a few but are light on cash, fill up a cab and head to Bubba's. Good drinks, good eats. They open up at 6am and do a little drunken golf action after the game. Contact the bar (info here) for more on that.


Another long time host of an annual Super Bowl party is, of course, Malone’s, and they’re showing the game at both their Puxi and Pudong locations (click here for the listings). They're throwing it up on the big screen and on all the TVs around the bar. They're also doing a 100rmb entry fee to get in, and that gets you food and drinks coupons, and access to their ongoing morning specials. On a related matter, apparently the New England Patriots cheerleaders are there tonight, to sign autographs and perform and do what cheerleaders do. Click here for more on that.

The Bulldog

Your French Concession option for Super Bowl action is The Bulldog, and they're hosting a 100rmb breakfast replete with a bottomless cup of coffee. Not much to add to that. Plus side to The Bulldog is that they’re accepting advance reservations, whereas most places you have to sort yourself out to be there early to get good seats. Contact info right here.

The Spot

Offering a slightly cheaper Super Bowl special is The Spot, also on Tongren. They’re doing a big American breakfast and one drink for 88rmb, but with no entry fee. They’re opening back up at 6am for the game.

Blue Frog

If you're out in Pudong and don't want to make it back into Puxi on Monday morning, there's Malone's in Thumb Plaza, but there's also Blue Frog Jinqiao. They’re doing a Super Bowl party with happy hour drinks deals, a breakfast buffet, "cheerleaders", and more. There you go.


Go Gryffindor!



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  • Gmann

    Lets not forget the Boxing Cat Brewery! Burgers, wings, mini tacos, and more, as well as 2 fer 1 bevys!

  • morgan

    Damn. Forgot about the Cat! Sorry about that. Of course, Boxing Cat Brewery is a fine, fine option for the Super Bowl...

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