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New Egg Opens On Zhenning Lu, Celebrates By Making You Run To It

By - Photos: Brandon McGhee Jan 29, 2021 Dining
Camden Hauge is making you work for your avocado toast. The prolific eggtrepreneur (also behind Lucky Mart and Bird) has opened a second branch of the popular breakfast slash remote working spot Egg, and to make sure you know where it is in relation to the original, there will be an organized run on Saturday, Jan 30, that'll go between the two locals.

The new Egg is actually the old Maiya Rice Canteen, a sunlit space facing the inner courtyard of an Anken building with big windows and lots of light tan and wood tones. The Anken space itself is located in the depths of that weird offshoot from Zhenning Lu, "Lane 465 Zhenning Lu."

An office lunch destination for some, or just an office space for others. On a recent visit, laptops outnumbered patrons, and the soundtrack was the hubbub of productive, lightly caffeinated digital nomads. Avocado toast on the menu, plus a handful of rice dishes. It was nice!

The 5km Egg to Egg Fun Run will start at the new Egg (on Zhenning Lu) and go to the Egg (on Xiangyang Lu) before circling back to the new Egg (again, on Zhenning Lu). To be clear: it starts at the Egg on Zhenning Lu. The new one. It's free to join, or you buy their 88rmb Egg bundle including a limited edition Egg tee plus a coffee of your own choice plus a giveaway. It's this Saturday at 10am.



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