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    • ADDRESS:
      50 Wuyuan Lu,
      near Changshu Lu
      五原路50号, 近常熟路
    • PHONE:
      135 0172 6412
    • WECHAT:
      Xuhui (Old Xuhui Area)
    • METRO:
      5 mins walk from Changshu Rd
    • HOURS:
      Lunch, 11.30am-3pm
      Dinner, 6-10.30pm
    • WEB:
    • OPENED:
      Unknown. Listed since Feb 2018
    • Editor's Description
      Bird is a cozy wine bar and restaurant by Shanghai Supper Club ringleader and restaurateur Camden Hauge (Egg, Lucky Mart, Bitter). Wine offerings here tick the requisite France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Australia boxes, of course. But you'll also find a few surprises from places like Greece and New York's Finger Lakes region, too. Natural wines are marked with an asterisk. Food is global cooking with big ambition on small plates. They do lots of one-off events, usually involving wine and wine tastings.
    Photos by BRANDON MCGHEE
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    • Oh, Bird. You’ve been on my to do list since you opened. I was really looking forward to trying your stylish small plates in your trendy little space. You’re so near my apartment that I hoped you might become a regular treat venue.

      Bird – we need to talk.

      Flavours, Bird. You’re good at flavours! Our BBQ corn came with a lovely butter and the perfect smokiness. The mapo tofu, topped with mashed potato and melted cheese, was deliciously hearty. That honey, with the goat yoghurt cheese and spiced crackers, worked beautifully. I’m not picking at your flavours, Bird.

      It’s the other stuff we need to talk about. The fact that our BBQ corn arrived so cold that the butter on top wouldn’t melt. The fact that our little plate of cheese cost 98rmb, and that a tiny bottle of soda is 35rmb (we paid 304rmb in total for three small dishes and two sodas). The – and I’m sorry about this, but it’s true – absence of customers on a Sunday evening, when you were almost impossible to get a reservation at a few months ago.

      Bird – you’re not perfect. Neither am I, though. Let’s give it another chance.

      Bird is a cool, minimalist little place with the perfect roof terrace. It’s good for small plates, wines and spritzes. It would make a good date venue, especially if you wandered next door to Bitter after your meal.

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    • Here’s the low-down on the latest action-

      The Beef: Bird has a loyal flock of fans in Shanghai, and it’s not hard to see why. The creative, not to mention insta-worthy dishes seem to be updated to make use of seasonal ingredients. A girly brunch date was made, and off to Bird it was.

      The place itself is small and intimate – bar seating, window seating, and a single long table for groups, in total you can cram in around 25ppl. Upon entering on a 12:30 weekend day, the kitchen was already bustling and servers were busy scrambling behind the bar, and shuttling in and out of the door (sending food next door to sister café/bar Bitter next door).

      Without anyone to greet us, we sat ourselves by the only available seats along the window. It was a nice view of all the activities on Wuyuan Lu on a slightly drizzly day. Maybe it’s the old age, but instantly I felt the backless high stools were not doing it for me. No place for my bag either, where were the hooks under the table? This forced me to place my bag behind me, giving my ass even less comfort and space.

      The food menu looked great, however. Our appetizers. The kidney bean dish was carefully composed with dollop of smooth-as-butter hummus. The broccolini was roasted and charred perfectly, each bite so intense. I was not as much a fan of the two mains we had, however. The crab was rather too much flavor, too briny, too umami, too seafood-y (which I’m usually not put off by). It was also logistically challenging to eat as a benedict dish, so I ended up eating the crab on its own then dissecting the bottom part separately. The double sliders tasted bland and way less interesting than they looked, even with the two pretty green sauces. Squash fries were oily and soggy, could have been easily be mistaken for avocado fries without the nutty flavor. Portion sizes on the small side.

      The Motive: This place seems more of a girly date spot, although not really a brunch place where you can plop down and leisurely chat through the afternoon over drinks (a la seating situation). Suggest popping into Bitter after your meal.

      The Damage: 118rmb for brunch set (1 app + 1 main). Select mains require additional+20rmb.

      The Down n’ Dirty: Free (and clean) as a Bird splattering in the garden birdbath.

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    • Since moving here I’ve been searching for a Western brunch that is a bit more inspiring than an eggs benny or smashed avo on toast (yawn). And by that I don’t mean throw truffle and lobster at it and charge through the nose. I’d heard many good things about the menu at Bird and they certainly delivered.

      Nestled in a quiet area on Wuyuan lu the entrance dons a modern black window pane that allows natural light to stream through and warm the rattan style interiors. You can either dine downstairs in an intimate area on stools overlooking the kitchen or climb the spiral staircase to the terrace and join the party.

      Greeted by a bold Aperol Spritz drink cart and the sweet sounds of 70s disco it’s a fun atmosphere. The menu has a selection of seasonal small plates with many featuring local flavours.

      Dishes of mention:

      • Tomato ratatouille, poached egg, basil, dark farm toast –beautifully sweet and buttery

      • Mapo tofu, mashed potatoes, cheese crust – Definitely the stand out. Unlike the rest of the menu this is a ‘go hard or go home’ dish. A Chinese style shepherds pie that has a generous layer of cheese with just the right amount of Sichuan sting that you can still function for the rest of the day.

      Service is worth noting as there was a slight delay to our meal (only because the guy next to us loved his meal so much that he ordered another!). The staff were very apologetic and provided coffees on the house.

      Bird is a good example of less is more. It reminded me of the type of creativity I used to see in some of the brunch spots down under. The minimalistic theme was evident from the décor through to the dishes. Heres hoping that come winter the mapo-tofu number is still on the menu!


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    • If you really love eating and enjoy each gastronomic experience like it was your last dinner, then you will truly appreciate Bird. Why? Easy, because is a cozy restaurant with no more than 20 seats, with an open kitchen where you can see the Chef cooking each dish carefully and taking care of every detail before the plate comes to your table under a delicate tailor-made menu.

      The menu changes seasonally and consists in a variety of Asian fusion dishes to share –or not-. That's not all. The wine selection and the cheese selection are amazing. They have a nice wine by glass variety and also they offer the “Carafe” version which is so convenient.

      We had a bit of everything plus a carafe of cabernet franc. The first place goes to the money miso fried cauliflower; the second place the truffle risotto and the third to the smoked salmon. The chicken nuggets are a must try as well.

      The ambience is lively and the staff super friendly. Prices are accurate and the dishes were excellent in flavor, presentation and portions size. Around 250/300 yuan per person and you get an intimate and unique meal. Bird Wine Bar & Kitchen is a spot where foodies like me will definitely return!

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      What a great find on Wuyuan Lu, that is Bird Wine Bar & Kitchen, more than just a hole in the wall.

      One needs to book on a Friday evening, it gets busy, as people like to linger, and what a pleasant surprise Bird Wine Bar & Kitchen turned out to be, with their innovative selection of dishes, you can feel that the kitchen team have “given their all” in preparing the dishes.

      Ordered the following dishes:

      Potato puff, along with the Melon gazpacho and basil sorbet, these were outstanding, as was the Octopus, and Chicken nuggets.

      The only dish that I felt was a little flat was the Choux pastry dessert, choux pastry at the best of times is not the easiest of dishes to maintain a decent puff especially in the humidity of Shanghai, it fell a little flat and became soggy.

      I understand the dishes will change on a monthly basis, the Chicken nugget dish is one they should keep, for the interesting combination of flavours, and bears no resemblance in any shape or form from those of a fast food establishment.

      While the dishes can be for sharing, they also work well for one, and there was a pleasing number of solo diners with a smart device and a glass of wine or perhaps they were just those waiting for their date to arrive. I always think better of restaurants where people feel comfortable eating alone.

      There is a wide range of affordable and interesting wines by the glass, coupled with the fact that the pours are more than the thimbles of wine that are being served at some of the other newly opened establishments in Shanghai, this is a plus for me.

      The wait staff are friendly and unobtrusive, lovely atmosphere in the place, nice to see the chef and bar man interacting with the clientele.

      A great deal for a Friday night out, all for just 800RMB for two pax, a steal. I look forward to the roof top area opening in the cooler months of Autumn, can only recommend Bird Wine Bar & Kitchen and will certainly return.


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      Brunch at Bird

      Bird is faithful to its global cuisine ethos at brunch, with a concise menu of vegetarian dishes, two takes on eggs Benedict and their classic Shanghainese carbonara. There's also a choice of their Bird Buns, like a Bombay Club and the...
      • Dining | Bird | Every Sat, Sun until Dec 31


    • Bloody Valentine

      Bird's doing a whole red-color set for Chinese Valentine's Day. Set price for 588rmb for two people, menu on the flyer.
      • Dining | Bird | Tue Aug 25
      • 2020-08-25 Finished
    • Xinjiang Night

      Xinjiang Pop up night at Bird on June 22nd. 6.30pm. Menu on flyer.
      • Dining | Bird | Mon Jun 22
      • 2020-06-22 Finished
    • Alternative Cinco de Mayo

      Bird hosts an alternative Cinco de Mayo, offering Northern laobing + Vietnamese banh xeo as tortillas with references to different countries, such as Mongolian lamb, smoked eggplant, yogurt or Tempura prawn, yuzu aioli, seaweed or Char...
      • Dining | Bird | Tue May 5
      • 2020-05-05 Finished
    • World Jianbing Day at Bird

      World Jianbing Day's aim is to spread the love of jianbing around the world and celebrate its many forms. From the original found streetside to the modern and fusion jianbings you can now find in many countries, we love them all! To...
      • Dining | Bird | Thu Apr 30
      • 2020-04-30 Finished
    • Eat for Wuhan Reganmian Pop Up

      Bird is serving reganmian for dinner with Apartmental and all food profits go to Wuhan.
      • Dining | Bird | Mon Apr 20
      • 2020-04-20 Finished