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Halloween Parties Roundup 2016

Muuuaaah! From dinners on the Bund to warehouse raves to cheap piss-ups -- here's what's on the menu for Halloween Shanghai, 2016.
2016-10-20 11:00:21
It's that time of year again, Shanghai. The gamut of the city's lovely dining and drinking establishments have googled their skeleton clip art and slapped on a flyer, all the expat mags have dusted off that yearly article about Holiday House (ours will probably be out next week), and your flatmate is already threatening a "Chairman Mao" costume like it's not even 2016 and that shit's totally cool. It's time for Halloween, y'all. It's GO TIME. Satan laughing spreads his wings!

(But SRSLY. Don't do the Chairman. Don't do it, man.)

Once more, let the streets run red with blood. And barf. And lost cell phones. And house keys. And wallets. And jiaos. And regret. Here's what's on for Halloween this year in Shanghai.


Saturday, October 29: S.T.D. 9-Year Halloween Party @ Arkham

Seriously, no joke -- not April Fool’s -- S.T.D. is hosting in internet rap phenomenon Rich Chigga for their yearly Halloween party. This Rich Chigga. For a. Night of. Rapping. Like this. Joining him on the strangest bill of the year is NY ballroom scene luminary Le1f. Delightfully bizarre pairing this. Expect a night of future, future, future hip hop in a heavily decked out club. Starts 10pm. Tickets are 120rmb on SmartTicket.

Saturday, October 29: SHFT. pres.Freak Out Fest (Araabmuzik + Keith Ape) @ One Show Space Warehouse

Where y'all freaks at? SHFT trap/EDM massive return with their own yearly Halloween warehouse party, which is basically the children of Shanghai getting crunk out at something called "One Show Space Warehouse" (569 Shilong Lu). This year's headliners are Keith Ape and MPC whiz Araabmuzik, who was actually supposed to play in Shanghai earlier this year but ended up getting shot and had to cancel. Damn. That's scary-in-real-life scary. Good for him for recovering and good for the promoters for making good on their promise to reschedule that dropped show.

Saturday, October 29: The Mansion Horror Rave @ The Mansion

The Mansion doesn't really do subtle. They do excess. They do over-the-top. So. The cwazy kidz castle is back this year with another Halloween rave, but this time it's at two venues. Sounds like hell on wheels: "2 venues, 1 ticket, a free shuttle bus service between the venues, more than 15 DJs and 12 hours" of scary, scary, scary party action. Location one is "The Mansion GraveYard Location" and location two is "Creepy Warehouse @ The Door". I dunno, guess you'll find out when you get there. If last year is an indication, expect some pretty good Halloween production values at this dance. Apparently, they did a real good job on it. Headlining the bill with a bunch of local talent is Beijing's Sulumi, somewhat of a legend in the 8-bit scene, although he doesn't really play that style much anymore. Pre-sale 200rmb, including three drinks at the door; 250rmb at the door. Starts 9pm.

(Missed opportunity not calling this the "Marilyn Mansion" party though...)


Saturday, October 29: 2016 Halloween Tribute @ Yuyintang

The yearly rock event that just. Won't. DIE. Shanghai bands and musicians dress up and play as other, more famous bands at this annual tribute show for the damned. This year, members of Life Line, Jackanapes, Spill Your Guts, and Hogchoker will cover The Clash, Daft Punk, Red Hot Chili Peppers (GAH), and Turbonegro. Cover is 50rmb. All your friend are dead! Sounds pretty righteous.

Ain't no Misfits though.


Saturday, October 29: Never Say Die Metal Tribute Act@ Inferno

Inferno celebrates Santan's birthday with a tribute concert of their own, but this one's a little different. For this one, rotating guest musicians are switching in and out of supporting roles for the covers band Never Say Die -- like, a guy will go play guitar for a song or two, another guy bass for a song, maybe even a few guest vocalists -- and the playlist is entirely legacy metal. Mostly thrash (Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth) and NWOBM (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest). Basically, it's just a bunch of aging heshers having a rockin' good time, celebrating with Lucifer's preferred genre of music. Thumbs up. Just like witches at black masses. No cover.

Monday, October 31: S.T.D. Presents - The Soft Moon [US] @ Arkham

S.T.D. keeping it super evil and super morose with a big-time booking of American depressives The Soft Moon, playing live on stage at Arkham, supported by a couple of darkwave DJs Tzusing and Apocalypse Chow. Doesn't get more intense than The Soft Moon. From the presser on the last record Deeper: "By facing the most hopeless parts of himself without illusion and putting his past demons to bed, the creation of 'Deeper' was an intense personal exploration of existence for Vasquez [The Soft Moon] -- old wounds were forcibly opened, deep anger and paranoia were manipulated into song -- and he did not emerge unchanged."

Jesus, guy, cheer up! Things ain't so bad! Like... chill.

80rmb pre-sale; 120rmb at the door.

Posh Shit

Friday, October 28-29: Séance Halloween Show @ The Pearl

Spooky, sexy, scary, chic burlesque is on the agenda for far-flung cabaret club The Pearl. They've got in their regular burlesque troupe Qi-POW! to perform a little bit of sleaze and tease called Séance: "Witness dream-like creatures exorcise your inner demons through spooky striptease, ethereal circus, spirited song and dance, and evocative drag." Yowza. Wait, isn't all drag rather evocative? Dress Code. Is "exorcism chic." Oh my. What... what would that be? Maybe something in pea green. Show is on for two nights, Friday and Saturday, starting at 9pm. Not suitable for guests under 18. Tickets are 180rmb on SmartTicket.

Saturday, October 29: Freak Show Halloween Party @ Park Hyatt

An aggressively named party in the Park Hyatt, brought to you by this city's resident experts in Park Hyatt sorts of parties, MVP (Pervert Party, Girls Night Out, White Party, Little Italy, loads more, all that Bund stuff). They're transforming the 92nd floor lounge into a haunted house with scary decor, performances, and more. There's always more. Terrifyingly classy. Classy terrifying. Odds of seeing Euros in devil horns, angel wings, and shutter shades: quite good. Tables at 3 and 5 grand packages. Contact 139 1648 9071 for table reservation.


Saturday, October 29: 2016 Halloween Party @ Zapata's

Zapata's once again serves as home base for sexy policewoman, sexy nurse, sexy school girl, sexy Donald Trump, and probably more Harley Quinn's than you can shake a baseball bat at. The stuff of legend (infamy), the storied Mexi party house hosts a rager of a Halloween shaker every year, with the hefty costume contest grand prize -- 3000rmb -- acting to really get Shanghai's creative (and other) juices flowing. Cover is 100rmb. Girls in costumes get in free before mignight. But of course.

Friday, October 28:'Stranger Things' Halloween Party @ Boxing Cat (Sinan)

Stranger Things! Man, that's a good show, eh? Can't wait for Season 2! Sounds like Boxing Cat in Sinan Mansion can't either. They're hosting a Stranger Things themed Halloween party, replete with Winona Ryder herself running around the place, losing her shit, screaming at Christmas lights. Not really. But it's sci-fi and horror being celebrated at BCB. And how would one do that? Cheap beers. 25rmb beers. Cheap snacking plates, and DJ Pressplay... pressing play on strange tunes. Free make-up artists. 500rmb for best "Stranger Things" costumes. Party like it's 1983. 150rmb cover, which includes 6 drink tickets.

Saturday, October 29: The Walking Dead Halloween @ The Apartment

With el Coctel closed and Shelter on the way out, The Apartment is going to get real lonely on Yongfu Lu. Maybe you should go and keep them company at their Halloween bash. They've got a zombie theme (in 2016?), with the rooms on their third and fourth floor converted into spooky scenarios packed with the undead. Entry is 100rmb with one drink (girls 50rmb with one drink). Tables packages available -- 6437 9478. Starts 10pm.


Friday, October 28: Pumpkin Palooza @ Britannic International

The annual Pumpking Palooza is back at Britannica International, offering a Halloween Farmer's Market, and fun activities for the whole family: Apple bobbing, sticky toffee apples, fancy dress competition, face painting, and more. Kinda sounds like that traditional Americana Halloween. All parents and friends welcome. No entry fee but advance registration requested (email: ). Runs 1pm to 4pm.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until October 31: Disneytown Halloween Carnival

The Mouse is getting into the spirit of the season, with a Halloween Carnival on every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from now until October 31. They're promoting spooky decorations and family-friendly activities. Expect performances from Mickey and Minnie in costumes, pumpkin carving demonstrations, photo-booths, and face painting. They've also got a dance party with a DJ spinning "Halloween tunes" and Disney's own dancers. Then on October 31, they have Trick or Treating from 4pm-7pm. Otherwise, it starts at 3.30pm, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until Halloween.

...And for Something Completely Different

Saturday, October 22: Run For Your Lives Shanghai

"Run For Your Lives is a zombie-themed 5K obstacle run. Participants choose to be either survivors or zombie in the run. Survivors will have to conquer the obstacles set at the run and avoid zombie to steal their life bands in different zone. Zombie will have professional special make-up team to put on zombie make-up and prepare to take life tags in different zone." Sounds nutty. Do you like to run? Away from things? Get on those tickets. Apparently, the zombie ones are almost sold out. "Survivors": 288rmb. "Infected": 368rmb. Tickets here. Event is 10am to 6pm.


Keep it evil, kids!