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Interview: 2562

Days of future past -- Dub shape-shifter 2562 plays Sub-Culture at The Shelter on Thursday. Mid-week depth charge into music history.
By May 9, 2012 Nightlife

The monthly Sub-Culture night at The Shelter returns this month with a special Thursday night show featuring Dutchman Dave Huismans, alternately known as 2562 and A Made Up Sound. Emerging in the mid to late ‘00s under the 2562 monkier, Huismans was variously lauded in lots of heady media places as one of the freshest voices in dubstep for embuing the sound with a chilling, broken techno perspecitive with his debut album, Aerial released on Tectonic in 2008. Try this one and this one.

His latest LP, Fever, released on his own label When In Doubt, switches the agenda to personal historiography, sample plumbing the depths of disco, funky shit, and boogie. It’s “a thorough reinterpretation of underground disco music from the mid-seventies to the early eighties, with his own birth year 1979 as the gravitational point.” This is hardcore.

For his show in Shanghai, 2562 is turning in a DJ set and if we had to predict the future, expect legacy house and techno tricks and tracks, “post-dubstep” sounds, and plenty of subbbbb.


SmSh: What prompted the move from The Hague to Berlin and how are you liking Berlin? Any new music coming out of there that’s caught your ear?

2562: It was for personal reasons rather than musical ones. I greatly enjoy living here though -- it’s a pleasant and vibrant place, while at the same time, feeling down to earth and easy-going like a village.

I’m not paying particular attention to the local music scene or indulging in the nightlife much, though. In that sense nothing has changed; I just buy and play music I like, wherever it’s from.

SmSh: What are the difference between ‘2562’ and ‘A Made Up Sound’? Why do you feel the need for different pseudonyms and what does each represent to you?

2562: 2562 was initially inspired by 2005/2006 era dubstep and over the years developed into a complete freestyle. Lately, it’s become more focused on album or EP projects rather than individual tracks. A Made Up Sound has been around a bit longer, it’s the name I used when I started making music, even before I released records. Back then was more rooted in the 90’s techno and other electronic music I grew up with. But over the years it developed and changed, just like 2562 has, and nowadays there definitely are overlaps.

I guess it’s only logical, it’s all me and it’s all personal. So even though in my mind they still have their own identities I take it as a compliment if people wonder what the difference is.

SmSh: Once under the ‘dubstep’ banner, 2562 material is getting harder and harder to categorize. How would you describe the current 2562 sound?

2562: To be honest I don’t know if it ever quite fit under that banner. Don’t get me wrong, I got a great kickback of being associated with it when I started the project five years ago, but making music for me is about finding my own way and trying new things. I have no idea where it belongs, it’s impossible for me to describe it. I only know when I get a kick out of something I’m writing, I guess that is when I know it is ‘my sound’.

SmSh: Your first 2 albums were released on Pinch’s Tectonic label, but recently nearly all new 2562 material is coming out on your own ‘When In Doubt’ imprint. Has starting up your own label allowed you to experiment more with your sound? Does having more freedom in what you release change the way you think about making music?

2562: It’s not so much musical freedom that made me start the label; I already felt free to experiment and do what I wanted before. Pinch is a great guy who has always been open to whatever I came up with, I have nothing but good things to say about him. But I felt Tectonic as a label was moving in a different musical direction than I was and, at the same time, running my A Made Up Sound 12” series had made me realise it works well for a control freak like me to have a completely independent platform and be in charge myself. The amount of time and headspace it eats up can be overwhelming sometimes but the fact that presenting my music happens exactly when and how I want makes it worth it.

SmSh: What’s some new stuff you’ve been listening to lately that you’ve been liking? Any recommendations on some music from anytime, anyplace, anywhere that people should get into?

2562: I wish I had more time to sit down and properly listen to music! Currently most of my ‘listening time’ is spent on searching for tracks I like to play as a DJ, so what I’m into you’ll hear in my sets.

If I do have more time, I prefer to avoid the hype of the day and listen to other music, whether it’s soul and disco or something a bit more recent. Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a Jeff Mills revival mode, many of his Axis releases from the late 90’s still sound innovative and beautiful today.

SmSh: So you’re playing a DJ set in China – what sorts of stuff are you playing out these days? How much of your own stuff finds it way into the set?

2562: I’m usually playing a mixed bag like I always have. It’s not a purpose in itself, I simply enjoy playing good music rather than representing a specific genre or a scene. It can be anything from techno and house records I bought way back to new tracks straight from the studio, some of what they call ‘bass music’ nowadays and anything else that’s current and good.

SmSh: How much preparation are you putting into sets before hand?

2562: Playing out a lot gives you certain routines and ideas for which records work together, but generally I like to decide what I’m gonna play on the spot and let the vibe of the night have its influence. I think if you prepare too meticulously or play the same set over and over you’ll get bored and feel like a robot very quickly and it will show. Room for spontaneous choices and going with the flow is more important to me than playing a perfectly streamlined set.

So we’ll see what the night at the Shelter brings, in any case I’m well excited to come to China and play there for the first time :)


Sub-Culture pres. 2562 this Thursday at The Shelter. Cover is a steal: 40rmb. Line-up: 2562, Drunk Monk, Steven Lorenz, ChaCha, Didje, Ubec + guests. Starts 10pm.

2562’s ‘Air Jordan’ EP and ‘Fever’ LP are out now on When In Doubt Recordings via


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  • Heatwolves

    he played a really next-level set last night. dude's mixing was so on point...seamless. only recognized like four of the tracks he played too. big up to sub-culture.

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