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Last Call for Champagne? Bar Rouge Is Closed… FOR NOW

We're not going to say it... gah... must... must resist... "End of an era."
2022-07-30 21:00:00

Rumors have been swirling, swirling, swirling all over the WeChat moments of the demise of Shanghai's most internationally famous and arguably archetypal nightclub: Bar Rouge...

...AKA Big Red

...AKA Champagne Sunrises and Rude Awakenings

...AKA I Think I Saw Justice at That Place in Like 2012, Don't Tell Anyone.

Yes, they indeed hosted a "farewell party" last night. Yes, they are indeed now closed. But we talked to their management. They're saying the closure is temporary. And they hope to be back at a time when it's economically viable to be back.

So, don't go crying into your gross, smudgy flute of Moet & Chandon just yet. This just means that Bar Rouge has joined the ranks of virtually all the live music houses, all the larger and the majority of the smaller dance clubs, and all the other medium to large capacity concert and "entertainment" venues that are currently waiting on the go-ahead from the-powers-that-be to reopen.

Because you know what helps "economic viability"? Being legally allowed to be open to business like you were... oh say, four months ago.

Of course, all this isn't to say that those days will ever come back. Could be the go-ahead will never come. Who knows? And as the months drag on with forced closures on many of Shanghai's favorite venues, yes, a lot of them won't be able to last.

But we kinda doubt Bar Rouge has popped its last magnum bottle.

Can you even have a "Shanghai" without a "Bar Rouge"?

Can you imagine!

That's not a world we want to live in!

Merci, non! Bu yao!